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Top 10 DIY Tutorials For Making Your Own Wedding Ring Pillows

When you are planning a wedding, you must think about all the details. Sure, choosing the place to hold the ceremony and the wedding dress are the two most important things, but the details are what makes a wedding special and unique. It is fun and easy to make those details on your own – and it will save a big part of your budget.

Today we are talking about wedding ring pillows. They are such a cute and special detail, and you will be surprised to learn how easily you can make one. Why does it? Well, mostly because you can personalize it and choose the colors that will work with your wedding theme. Here are some fun tutorials to teach you how to make your own wedding ring pillows…

Pin-tucked Ring Pillow



To make this linen ring pillow, you will need a linen yard, quilting cotton, fiberfill, and ribbon. The tutorial above has a nice template that will help you make this unique and beautiful ring pillow all by your self. Just have in mind that it requires sewing.

Ribbon Ring Bearer Pillow



When you are organizing your wedding, you get obsessed with the wedding theme colors. And we get it – really! So why not create a ring pillow using the same colors? Choose a silk fabric and ribbon in those colors, and check this tutorial to learn how to make a beautiful ring bearer pillow.

Burlap Ring Pillow With a Flower Detail



This ring pillow is so cute, and guess what – it has something blue! We love the blue detail in the form of a ribbon that holds the rings, and the big white flower is so precious. Burlap is not only cheap but chic as well and easy to work with.

Boy Ring Bearer Pillow



If a boy ring bearer carries your rings, you surely don’t want the ring pillow to be all pink and girly. This is why we love the idea of a black ring bearer pillow that is elegant and beautiful. Use a black canvas twill for the pillow and gray material for the flower.

Tufted Moss Ring Pillow



We love this idea for a moss ring pillow. It is so natural and easy to be made. You will need just a few simple things to do it, and yes – it won’t cost you a small fortune. Check the tutorial, and you will see what we are talking about.

Rustic Clay Ring Bowl Tutorial



If you are looking for an alternative to the classic ring pillow bearer, why not try this rustic clay ring bowl? Ok, you will need to be a bit skillful and creative to do this, but it’s worth it. Just look at how elegant and unique the bowl looks.

Flower Ring Pillow



Flowers are a crucial part of every wedding – especially if it is a spring or summer wedding. Why not have flowers even on the ring pillow? Here is a great tutorial on how to make a perfect flower ring pillow; check it out. The final result is stunning.

Moss Ring Pillow



Here is another tutorial for making a simple ring pillow out of moss. It is easy; it is beautiful and fun. Great idea if you are planning an outdoor or a rustic wedding. We love how simple and natural the final product turned out.

No-Sew Burlap Ring Pillow



Learn how to make easy no sew burlap ring pillows with the help of hot glue. Skip the regular burlap and choose one with an interesting pattern instead. It is super simple to make this ring pillow, and you will need no more than half an hour. When you are done with the pillow decorated with a ribbon of choice.

Damask Ring Bearer Pillow



Damask fabric, pretty buttons, fuchsia ribbon, cotton stuffing, organza, and pearl trim make this ring pillow extra pretty. If you know how to sew, you can make it yourself easily. We love the black and white damask fabric and the pearl details, but feel free to adapt the style according to your wedding theme.

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