Top 10 Eggnog Recipes For Christmas Cheer

When it comes to holiday beverages, nothing screams Christmas louder than a good eggnog.  This dairy-based sweet drink is traditionally made with milk, cream, sugar, whipped eggs yolks and spirits such as brandy, rum, whisky, bourbon, Kahlua. Almost every family has developed its own trademarked Christmas eggnog recipe that has become as much part of their Christmas celebration as the decorated Christmas tree. With its beautiful warming flavor, the eggnog is guaranteed to be a favorite at your Christmas or New Year party as well. So, if you still haven’t found your perfect eggnog recipe, we would like to suggest our choice of top 10 eggnog recipes and we hope that you will find the one that will bring you your holiday cheer.

Kahlua Eggnog Cocktail


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Egg-Not Nog


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Easiest Ever Eggnog—3 Ingredients & No Raw Eggs!


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Eggnog Jello Shots, Eggnog Martini & White Cosmo


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Low-Fat Eggnog Recipe


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Boozy Bourbon Eggnog


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Pubnog: Beer Eggnog


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Homemade Eggnog Recipe Using Kefir


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Spiked Eggnog Punch


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Coconut Hazelnut Eggnog


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