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Top 10 Eyebrow Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

Eyebrows help frame your face, balance your features and define your eyes. When you first meet someone you look at their eyes, therefore eyebrows cannot be ignored. There are a variety of shapes and it is important to find the right shape that suits your face most.

If you are nervous about shaping your eyebrows yourself, go to a professional. Once you have the right shape you will only have to maintain it. The recent trend is thicker, fuller, and bold eyebrows with a slight arch. So our first tip is that if you have naturally full eyebrows don’t over-pluck them.

Read on to see more basic rules and common mistakes that will help you with ideas on how to shape your eyebrows.

Never Pluck Your Eyebrows Before Shower



It is almost the same as shaving. It is best to pluck the hair out after you have opened your follicles with hot or warm water; best by taking a warm shower. This way the skin will also loosen/soften and the plucking will be less painful, thus you will not struggle to extract the hair and will have way less redness once you are done. You can even exfoliate the face before tweezing using scrabs and face cloth, pluck them, maybe apply your favorite face mask, and finally moisturize.

Avoid Over-Plucking



If you don’t feel comfortable plucking your eyebrows by yourself, we will advise you to visit a professional. However, if you are doing it at home, might happen that you overdo it. To avoid this scenario, draw a line on each side of your brows with an eyeliner pencil using your index finger between your eyebrows; another is to brush your brows upwards before to avoid plucking a hair that needs to stay. Now a day, you can also use an eyebrow template with a shape you want.

Avoid The Comma Brows



When trying to create a perfect arch, many women pluck their eyebrows either too thin or way too close to the bulb or the brows which result in creating “comma brows”. These are eyebrows you need to avoid as they don’t look good on anyone. Not to make this same mistake try to avoid raising your brows while plucking your hair, don’t do it too close to the mirror, or again use an eyebrow template to match your brows to your face shape.

Be Careful With Eyebrow Tattoo It Looks Unnatural



If you need to fill up your eyebrow hair we recommend using an eyebrow pencil, eyebrow mascara, or eyebrow gel, as these products will give you a way more natural look rather than the tattoo. Also this way you can choose your matching color to avoid too dark or too light finish, as with time the tattoo will lose its original color. Eyebrows are essential to every women’s look, therefore look after them, the more natural the better!

Avoid The Half-Circle Shaped Eyebrows



Round eyebrows look like a semi-circle and they occur when attempting to create arched eyebrows. Before plucking the most important rule is to define your matching shape, otherwise, it will lead to incorrect plucking and cutting. The best is to stick to your natural brow shape and placement, just enhance it with eyebrow mascara brushing upwards. As mentioned before, better visit a professional define a shape that matches your face and after just maintain it.

Always Choose Eyebrow Color That Matches Your Hair Color



Regardless if you are using a pencil or mascara, make sure you choose the color of your base. Unless you have way too light fair hair then go for a light brown shade; or if you have dark hair and you just want to define your eyebrows, then go for dark brown. In very rare cases different eyebrow colors than the hair will match the face. For example, women with blond hair are better use light brown eyebrow pencil for refilling and defining, and never black!

Don’t Over-Emphasize And Don’t Draw Harsh Lines



When filling up your eyebrows try avoiding hard/harsh lines, but instead, go for a more natural look by using a poolie brush to blend the product. First, you can comb your eyebrows downwards to blend with the pencil marks, and after brush it upwards and finalize with a brow mascara. This way you will avoid the pointy shape., and your eyebrows will not be that thick and dark, but will look more natural.

Don’t Pluck Them Too Short



Short eyebrows can make your face look wider than it is. This means that you have plucked way too much hair from the tails of your eyebrows. The correct way will be to use a pencil and hold it vertically at the middle of each nostril, and mark the spot. Then, pivot the pencil to the outside of your iris (this way you will find the arch of your eyebrow), and finally, swing the pencil until the outer corner of your eye to find the tail (for correct length).

Avoid Too Light or Bleached Eyebrows



Be extremely careful when bleaching your eyebrows as going overboard will leave them way too light or can wash them out. Also, this process should not last long as you might want to make them no more than two shades lighter than they were. If your eyebrows are the naturally light color you might want to expose them with a light brown pencil, otherwise, your face might look too pale.

Avoid This Mistake: Too Long Eyebrows



Plucking is essential if naturally, you have way too long edges or tails on your eyebrows. When shaping them you should avoid leaving the edges too long as this way you will create a hooded look. Correct trimming should be done as well if your eyebrow hair length is too long. Use a pencil as we explained above (don’t pluck them too short), or use a finalize eyebrow template to define the correct shape for your face.

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  1. All of these comments are personal preference except the first one. If someone wants eyebrows that are long, short, dark, light, thin, thick, and whatever shape, whether it’s “comma” or “half circle” is up to them, and same for tattoo eyebrows, and sharp lines. If that’s what you like then do it! Don’t put your preferences into an article and call them other peoples “mistakes”.

    • Perhaps the words we are looking for is natural look rather than mistakes. You can see the pics are over dramatized to make a point. There’s no need to be overly sensitive about word choice though.


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