Once upon a time… there was a beautiful princess with sad destiny, but somewhere, in a far far land lived a brave prince who saved her from the Evil, fell in love with her and took her to his charming castle so they can live happily ever after.  All that we have left from that enchanting story is the castle to remind us from time to time that fairy-tales can be real.
In fact, that’s very true. The real, still-existing Medieval Castles around Europe inspired our (Disney’s version) favorite fairy-tale stories.
So many winters, so many wars those castles have seen, but they are still there for us to see.
All you Cinderellas and Prince Charmings, get ready for the Ball, in one of these Top 10 Europe’s magnificent castles.
Choose your favorite!

Peles Castle, Romania


Photo Credit to mdnicholson42 (On Flickr)
Visit Websites: visit.peles.ro / brasovtravelguide.ro / romaniatourism.com

Dunrobin Castle, Scotland


Photo Credit to grandcanyon.free.fr
Visit Websites: dunrobincastle.co.uk / clansutherland.org

Chateau de Chambord, France


Photo Credit to frogandprincess.wordpress.com
Visit Websites: chambord.org / loire-chateaux.co.uk

Swallow’s Nest, Ukraine


Photo Credit to hagaki-mawari.blogspot.com
Visit Websites: lastochka.com.ua / atlasobscura.com

Schloss Drachenburg, Germany
(Dragon’s Castle)


Photo Credit to judgmentofparis.com
Visit Website: schloss-drachenburg.de

Alcazar de Segovia, Spain


Photo Credit to Javier Javisego (On Onebigphoto.com)
Visit Websites: alcazardesegovia.com / castles.nl

Château du Haut-Koenigsbourg, France


Photo Credit to Hervé Colson (On survoldefrance.fr)
Visit Website: haut-koenigsbourg.fr

Bran Castle, Transylvania, Romania
(Dracula’s Castle)


Visit Websites/Photo Credit to randomwander.com
Visit Website: bran-castle.com

Burg Eltz, Germany


Photo Credit to europeancastlestours.com
Visit Website: burg-eltz.de

Schloss Neuschwanstein


Photo Credit to upload.wikimedia.org (author: Gliwi)
Visit Website: neuschwanstein.de