Top 10 Fashion Trends For Spring/Summer 2017

The last fashion weeks showed us what to expect during this year’s spring and summer. Many pieces from these collections that were seen on the runways were immediately accepted by the street style fellows and we must say that we are in love with these trends.

Some like the floral pattern didn’t surprise us, but the boxy jacket and blazers were totally sending some new vibes from the 1980’s. Check out these ten trends and see which one is going to be your favorite! #fashion #trends

1. Pink



Hot pink all the way! During the fashion weeks, we’ve noticed how hot pink is being so present in the outfits – no matter if it was a bag, a skirt or like in this case – amazing high-waist pants with huge bow on the waists, we absolutely love it!

2. Sequins



If you’re the person who’s in love with sequins, we have good news for you – they were a total blast during the fashion week street style. Expect to see many clothing pieces covered with sequins and dare to wear a combination you have never tried before – how about a maxi sequin skirt with your favorite sneakers?

3. Boxy



Some things come back after some time and the boxy shoulders are making their comeback this season. This was extremely popular during the 1980’s (those mom’s clothes you keep in boxes can be opened now!). Here we have Nicole Richie wearing a boxy blouse and for some might be challenging to wear such thing, but it’s always nice to try something new.

4. Floral



Flower power, is there anyone who doesn’t like it?! Floral themes are always present in some form, but during the fashion weeks they were more present than usual. We share with you this amazing street style look of the Milan Fashion Week, worn by famous Italian blogger Eleonora Carisi. This maxi dress is a real midsummer night’s dream for us!

5. Yellow



Yellow and its shades are one of the trends that we will see more of during the spring and summer this year. This joyful color isn’t everyone’s color, but if you’re willing to give it a try here’s a way you can wear it. It doesn’t have to be yellow from head to toes, but it can be something different and still trendy.

6. Athleisure



Have you noticed how hoodies are not anymore something that you just wear at home or at the gym? Many people started wearing them more than – at he fashion week we spotted famous blogger Chiara Ferragni wearing an over-sized black hoodie. From other celebrities you probably have seen Kim Kardashian West wearing a hoodie as well and it’s not just the hoodie – the whole athleisure is so popular right now.

7. Men’s Shirt



You know how the media is always telling women that they look sexy in their boyfriend’s shirts, but this isn’t the case anymore. Over-sized, men’s shirt are worn in everyday combinations that give us a chic, “boy-ish” look. Next time when going shopping, try a men’s shirt – maybe you’ll like it.

8. Patchwork



Patchworks are amazing way to add color and shapes into your look. If you fan of this, then you are going to like the good news – patchworks are the trends for the following seasons. This trend is so chic, especially this outfir from the photo – it made us want to have those jacket and skirt right away!

9. 1970’s Prints



Prints are always present more or less and these seasons we are going to see more of those 1970’s prints. That is something that comes back from the disco ages and we can’t wait to see what the designers have in store for us. In the meantime, take a look at this amazing dress with the collar – it’s out must have for this spring.

10. Metallic



Metallic finish to skirts or shoes, this is something that we’ll see quite a lot soon. It’s the kind of metallic between mermaid color, that will make us want to buy that piece as soon as we see it. There are so many ways that you can wear the metallic, and this dress is one of them – we love it.

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