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Top 10 Cute and Fashionable Sewing Patterns

Sewing is not as hard as you think, especially if you already have a little experience. You can easily create clothes, toys and accessories by following sewing patterns that are detailed enough. Even if you are new to sewing  – you could try some of these sewing patterns we are sharing with you today. There is something from everyone. We’ll be sharing more free patterns in the future.

Square Deal Pin Cushion

top-10-cute-fashionable-sewing-patterns_01Pattern and photo credit to

Free Soft Toy Sewing Patterns | Cute Characters

top-10-cute-fashionable-sewing-patterns_02Pattern and photo credit to

Basic Newborn Pant Sewing Pattern

top-10-cute-fashionable-sewing-patterns_03Pattern and photo credit to

Wildwood shopping bag

top-10-cute-fashionable-sewing-patterns_04Pattern and photo credit to

 Tutorial Oven Mitt

top-10-cute-fashionable-sewing-patterns_05Pattern and photo credit to

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