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Top 10 Free Crochet Patterns For Fabulous Monokinis

Choosing the right swimsuit for your seaside holiday can be a drag, but you must look your best while working on your tan. After all, when will you have the chance to show off your body if not on the beach?

Slim bikinis have been a favorite swimsuit model for the simple reason that they show off the most skin. But, most of the time, you are sexier when you show less, leaving something to the imagination. That way, you are much more alluring to men, and you get the chance to discretely hide parts of your body that you might not be too happy with.

The swimwear fashion trend is a blast from the past with a modern twist, a crochet monokini. Many designers have chosen this model for their summer collection because it is not only fun and sexy, but it is also tantalizing and gives the usually flat swimsuits some much-needed texture.

The bohemian feel to the different playful patterns fits perfectly with the spirit of the beach and is also great for attending a friendly pool party. As lovely as the crochet monokinis are, they also can cost a pretty penny, sometimes up to a hundred dollars.

To save some money for drinks at the beach party, make sure to check out our Top 10 free crochet monokini patterns. With a bit of crocheting skill and some time, you too will be the talk of the next swimsuit party, and you won’t have to drain your budget dry in the process.

Ring, Mesh, And A Floral Top Monokini



Women with smaller busts will love this model since the flowery squares are puffed up and give the illusion of a bigger breast. Also, the mesh pattern connecting the top and bottom is simple yet quite elegant.

Large And Small Mesh One-Piece Swimsuit



A one-piece swimsuit that can easily be classified as a monokini due to its strategically arranged mixed mesh. Unfortunately, like many other free ones, this pattern is not in English, but the effort of understanding it will be well worth it once you finish your sexy swimsuit.

Triangle Fishnet Monokini



Sexy and elegant in its simplicity, this monokini has a slim triangle fishnet in the midsection leaving the sides opened. It has a small circle between the breasts focusing the gaze there. It is great for beginners and more skilled crocheters.

Low Cleavage Monokini



You don’t expect to find a low cleavage on a swimsuit since it already reveals everything, but his monokini has one. The parting of the swimsuit down the middle of the body makes this monokini one of the sexiest you might find, and the colorful pattern on the sides makes it even more desirable.

Flower In The Midsection Monokini



Everyone, but mostly young people, has a problem with one-piece swimsuits because they hide the belly and are too plain. This crochet monokini offers a one-piece swimsuit’s appearance while letting the belly breathe and peek from behind a mesh of flowers. And the site offers other free bikini patterns that you might like.

Sunny Swimsuit



Nothing shines brighter than the summer sun, but you can be the sunshine on the beach with this sunny swimsuit. The sun with sun rays pattern connecting the top and bottom will be a blast to wear at the beach or by the pool.

Bikini Mimosa



Here is a two-tone classy bikini with another fishnet connecting piece. The V cleavage will look flattering on women with all breast types, and the wideband on the bustline gives additional lift and support.

Opened Mimosa Bikini



When it comes to crochet or knitting, you must never forget to improvise, combine, and freestyle with every pattern you can think of. Sometimes the result can be a classy yet seductive bathing suit like this one.

Leaf Pattern Monokini



A swimsuit model which is excellent for boosting the confidence of women with smaller breast. The large bikini top pieces give the appearance of larger breasts, while the narrowing in the midsection makes your waist look slimmer.

Pineapple Pattern Monokini



We end our list with the most famous crochet monokinis pattern, worn even by celebrities: the pineapple monokini pattern. We offer you three ways to make it, in the link below the picture and here and here. Don’t be the only one this summer without a crochet monokini and while you’re fetching the needles, make sure to incorporate your favorite design into the swimsuit.  The results will astonish you.

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