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Top 10 Free Patterns For Crochet Summer Clothes

Whether you head to the beach or the pool, water is the best cure for this crazy summer heatwave. And if you’re like us, you like to have a light cover-up for the out-of-the-water moments. Why settle for a terry-cloth robe when you can make these free patterns?

People often ask us about the crochet dresses that we make for ourselves. We actually don’t work from patterns most of the time, and our dresses are all patternless designs. That doesn’t work for everyone, though, so we thought we’d do a roundup of some of the best crochet dress patterns available.

Free crochet clothing patterns let you get a feel for your talent level and stitching expertise without the worry of paying for a new design. Besides the beach cover-ups, we give you other free patterns for crochet summer clothes, most dresses, and skirts.

Yellow Beach Cover Up Dress



This free crochet pattern from Stitch Nation is by Ann Regis. It’s designed to be worn over a slip as a summer style. Yellow is very popular this season, so you gonna be so in.

Neon Mesh Crochet Dress



Here’s another example of an openwork dress that can be worn over another dress. We like this style because it is easy to create, even with beginner crochet skills.

Summer Tunic Crochet Dress



This crochet dress pattern from Knits for Kids can be worn as a tunic with leggings or shorts or made longer to wear as a dress. Just choose what color you would like to be and go ahead.

Vintage 1950′s Crochet Dress Pattern



This is a McCall’s 1955 crochet dress offered as a free pattern online through Hook, Yarn, and Needles the Old Stuff. The photo is from Ravelry’s Toyapack.

Sophisticated Crochet Dress



Crochet this exquisite dress called Nightfall, which Paula Bennett designed. She has created this frankly flirtatious club-chic dress to show off your glamorous style and feminine curves. It’s perfect for any summer soiree, be it at the poolside or a wedding in a charming downtown hotel! Heads will turn when you enter the room wearing this dress.

Daisy Crochet Skirt



A gorgeous vintage bedspread pattern inspires this lacy summer skirt. We designed this skirt to capture the beauty of those patterns in a less painful project. Granted, this is still not a project most could do on the weekend, say, but as you complete each square, you get a little thrill of accomplishment to string you along. With a slip or hand-sewn liner, you can wear this beautiful skirt anywhere or pull it on over your bathing suit for a sexy cover-up. Either way, you’ll look gorgeous on those hot summer nights.

Crochet Bare-Back Top



Wear this white bare-back top to add a little something extra to your usual summer outfits. And who knew crochet could be so summer-friendly? Crocheted cotton guarantees the top is extra cool for hot weather.

Classic White Crochet Dress



It’s time once again to choose your favorite designs and be part of the making of a new drops collection. This drop dress is lovely with a classic, sophisticated sense of style.

Textured Crochet Dress



We think it’d be tough to pull off wearing this tweed crochet dress designed by Treva F. McCain since it’s bulky, but we love the texture. It’s worked with Caron’s Simply Soft (same as Doris Chan’s), and the crochet pattern is available free through Caron.

Red Cotton Crochet Dress



This dress is worked in rounds (more difficult to fit the right size), or it can be crocheted in two parts (this pattern describes working in this way – front and back pieces separately).

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