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Top 10 Free Sewing Patterns For Breezy Summer Dresses

Women love wearing pants and shorts because they are convenient and more practical for doing various activities. Since women started wearing pants and shorts, seeing a woman in a lovely dress makes her look even more beautiful than usual. And no one can argue that dresses are far more comfortable and desirable when the temperatures start going through the roof. So, for the summer days to come, you’ll need some new dresses.

Since summer is the season of fun, festivities, and some flirting, you will need a collection of dresses from casual to formal. Finding the right dress can be hard and even frustrating, especially if you find a cute dress that you want, but the shop doesn’t have one in your number, or when you try it on, it doesn’t sit right. But if you have even the basic sewing skills, you can sew your own dresses with some experimenting or following a pattern.

So, if you’re looking for more laid-back yet fun dresses for this hot season, you will love our list of free patterns for the Top 10 lovely casual summer dresses. You will feel free and ready to take on everything summer throws at you in your new self-sewn summer dress.

Soho Maxi Dress



After the long winter months, you might not be in a big hurry to show off your legs, at least not until you get the chance to let the sun darken that pale skin color. So, until then, you can walk around with ease in a lovely, flowing maxi dress.

Large Sleeved Dress



Some may think that this dress’s sleeves are too weird to be considered flattering, but they have a charm of their own. Besides, they give a playful twist to the dress and are great for hiding those extra inches from the midsection that you’re in the process of slimming down.

Faith’s Twenty Minute Dress



No matter how many clothes you have, you always have nothing to wear. So, when you want to wear something cute and new, but you don’t have time to go shopping, pull your favorite light fabric out and make this easy and lovely dress, which will take you only 20 minutes to put together.

Kimono Sundress



For long, lazy strolls in the park or on the beach, you need something light, breezy, and that will protect your shoulders from the unforgiving sun rays, like a nice summer dress. This one has a kimono neckline and has added style points for looking like a fun wrap dress.

Pleated Dress



Many women don’t like wearing dresses because they feel that they have a large waist and small breasts, and the dress makes them look even worse. This dress is meant to make such body figures look very sexy and flattering, and it is straightforward to make.

Little Black Dress



No wardrobe is complete without having at least one little black dress for more formal gatherings, no matter how many or few they are in the summer. In this one-sleeved, classy,  laced little black number, you will look trendy, stylish, and ready to take on the world.

Love In The Afternoon Dress



This dress might be a model from a few years back, but it still looks great. This form-fitting dress with a strange cocoon shape can be worn on almost any occasion. From a casual gathering to a formal event, if done in the right color. A fun dress to have in any case.

Summer Sack Dress



Here is a dress that can be done even by a beginner seamstress in a few hours. It is that easy and effortless to make, and although it’s called a sack dress, it is a very loose and fun dress that will be a great addition to your collection of casual clothes.

Floor Length Infinity Dress



This summer you will surely have at least one wedding to attend or some other event where you will be required to wear a lovely gown. That is where this versatile and easy to sew infinity dress will come in handy. You’ll have a new dress by simply tying the straps differently.

Bangle Summer Dress



Sometimes simple can be very sexy. This bangle dress is the perfect example. It is so easy to sew that it will take you no time at all to make it. This dress is so good that it is appropriate to be worn daily on the beach and all night at a cocktail party.

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