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Top 10 Most Famous French Bread Appetizers

The nation that eats the most bread is France! They eat bread with bread, meaning with anything. Bread is an absolute must on every table regardless of their financial status.

It all began during the first World War, where soldiers hid what we now call a baguette in their trouser leg from the opposition. Because of the now-famous baguette, the baguette saved them during the toughest of time. Do not be surprised to see recipes including bread with soups too. Bon Appetit!

1. Croque Monsieur


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Croque Monsieur is as emblematic as the Eiffel Tower in France. Anywhere in France. Whether you are just born or well into your 90’s, this ham, béchamel, brioche, and gruyere feast is to die for. Simply put together then bake in the oven or in a panini toaster machine – it’s the perfect way to start your day with mouth-watering delight. Try the Croque Madame by adding double cream too.

2. Soupe a l’Oignon or French Onion Soup


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Soupe a l’oignon or onion soup gratinated with comté cheese on a slice of bread is made in summer or in winter alike believe it or not. Not an onion fan, doesn’t matter, you will love this and the start of the onion love affair will soon kick in. Takes half a day to prepare and make (a lot of string and patience is required, so do in large quantity) but the results are triumphant. Baked, cheesed, and spiced are the final touches before you experience the real French cuisine.

3. Foie Gras on Bread


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Foie Gras inevitably gets a top 10 slot as a good slice of warm oatmeal country bread or brioche, both are the perfect match. Served with an onion or fig jam traditionally or even a good English chutney served with parkin bread. A delicacy mostly enjoyed during the Christmas festivities or indeed for New Year’s Eve. Made either from goose or duck, this cold liver specialty melts in your mouth.

4. French Fish Soup With Bread


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Fish soup – for fish lovers served with bread in a french way. A good “rouille” and garlic bread croutons. Just makes all the experience whole. For this recipe, you might want to use bony fish to extract as many flavors, combined with fennel and a bit of tomato sauce will do its job. This delicacy can’t pass without crouton style bread on a side or on the top of the soup.

5. Black Olive Tapenade With Red Peppers On Bread


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Black olive tapenade and red pepper is a great way to start as an aperitif or even as a light starter. Famous in the hotter part of France within the Languedoc area, the olive tapenade is sometimes used to stuff poultry for the main course. Close your eyes, get a slice of lightly toasted bread with olive oil rubbed all over it, and wait till the flavor of the olives expands in your mouth, voila.

6. Pâté de Campagne


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Pâté de Campagne or country pâté is best enjoyed with a rustic country loaf of bread with caramelized onions and indeed all types of pickles. Another way to enjoy this easy dish is by adding caperberries, fruit chutney or fresh herbs mixed with green salad leaves on the side and you’re off to a great starter.

7. Cheese Fondue From Savoy, France


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The cheese fondue from Savoy or the Fondue Savoyarde is unmistakably a cheese lover’s dream. And so is the French dream! This is a great way to find yourself around the table with people you love sharing one dish in the middle and all having a go at it! Long metal spikes are for the “bread of yesterday” – the bread that was left from the day before, and if by mistakes in falls into the hot cheesy lava, you will have to have a dare! Fun and joy at the same time.

8. French Quiche Lorraine


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Yes, the French can replace the savory pastry with a round loaf of stuffed country bread or indeed bread famous for the area. Vegetarian, ham, more cheese, cream eggs, etc.…it’s such a crowd-pleaser especially if you have children around the table. Usually, the quiche is eaten for breakfast or lunch, even the big kids will never stop to admit to loving this simple, yet true heritage dish.

9. French Steak Tartare


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This dish was discovered back in the ’50s and was originally called “Beefsteak a l’Americaine”. Traditionally the tartare is served with a raw egg yolk on top (mainly hen’s egg) of a raw finely hand-chopped beef tenderloin. Apart from bread, you can find many recipes where the tartare is served alongside french fries. Some like it spicy, but you should not forget adding capers, Dijon mustard, Worchestershire sauce, and parsley.

10. Tartine of Goat Cheese and Honey


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This South French dish is famous in this hot part of the country. A simply tablespoon of your favorite local honey glazed all over the thick slice of brown bread. Put the goats’ cheese on top, add a little cumin, and pop in the oven for 5 minutes. This can be served depending on the season with chestnuts or walnuts over it. A simple delight topped with fresh thyme.

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