Even though this particular way of cooking is considered unhealthy, still it counts as one of the tastiest and finger licking food ever. Almost every meat, veggie or even fruit can be deep fried and served with a dip that is a great companion for these recipes.  You should be careful about one thing though, the temperature of the oil is high, so don’t make a mess. Bread crumbs and eggs, as well as flour are always needed to cook a delectable, mouthwatering, fried dish. Pick your favorite dip, select your favorite meat or veggie and make a nice fried meal for you and your beloved.

Fried Stuffed Olives

fantastic-frying-recipes_01Recipe via myrecipejourney-lillian.blogspot.com

Fried Prawn Cake

fantastic-frying-recipes_02Recipe via bookmarqc.com

Fried Plantain Bananas

fantastic-frying-recipes_03Recipe via lovemags.blogspot.com

Cumin Beef & Cabbage Stir-Fry

fantastic-frying-recipes_04Recipe via organicfindsncoupons.com

Deep-Fried Hamsi & Salad

fantastic-frying-recipes_05Recipe via turkeysforlife.com

Reduced-Fat Oven-Fried Fish

fantastic-frying-recipes_06Recipe via candygirlky.com

Fried Green Tomatoes

fantastic-frying-recipes_07Recipe via fromwhichthingsgrow.blogspot.com

Roasted Sweet Potato Hush Puppies

fantastic-frying-recipes_08Recipe via dogjing.com

Pan Fried Pork Chops & Roasted Vegetables

fantastic-frying-recipes_09Recipe via gluten-free-zen.com

Fried Mushrooms

fantastic-frying-recipes_10Recipe via pauladeen.com