TOP 10 Hot Gardening Trends for 2017


Wonder what is hot in gardening this year?

We have the top 10 trends that will mark 2017 and from what we see it will definitely be an exciting year for gardeners all around the globe. From foodscaping, mini meadows, tropical looking plants to portable gardening and rain gardens, it is obvious that we are turning back to nature. Growing our food is challenging and rewarding.

Medicinal herbs deserve a mention as well. As for landscaping styles, curves will be substituting minimal, sharp edged designs while pink combined with natural colors will dominate.

Here are our predictions on what will be hot in gardening in 2017.




Call it foodscaping, edible landscaping or front yard farming, this type of landscaping is becoming more and more popular and will definitely mark 2017 as one of the hottest gardening trends. In fact, we can freely say that it has become a movement more than a trend. A hybrid between farming and landscaping, foodscaping means using  major areas of a lawn on private property in order to grow food. We recommend a less invasive way to implement foodscaping into your garden – incorporate edible varieties into traditional landscapes. For example, replace native bushes with blueberry bushes.


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