6. Humidity


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As we mentioned bananas are tropical plants that need humidity even higher than 50%. To obtain this it is crucial to mist your banana tree as well as to place it on a layer of pebbles in a tray filled with water. This way you will increase the humidity levels around the plant.

7. Watering Your Potted Banana


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Bananas need to be watered at least once a week, but if they receive a lot of direct sunlight and the room temperature is high than they will need watering every two days. Before each watering check the moisture level about 1 inch below the surface of the soil. If it is dry then it is the right time for watering. In order to keep better moisture apply some mulch.

8. Fertilizing Needs


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As bananas are plants that grow very fast it is obvious that they need fertilizing in order to grow at their full strength. For young plants use nitrogen-rich fertilizer which will help it grow faster. Once the banana plant is mature enough to produce fruits fertilize it with 15:5:30 fertilizer regularly.

9. Diseases and Pests


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Luckily bananas are quite resistant to pests. However there are some pests that can attack your plant, most likely aphids, banana weevil, and coconut scale. To fight them use organic pesticides. If you notice that the leaves of your banana tree turn brown it means you are over watering the plant. If they turn yellow then banana plant is having a lack of nutrients.

10. Overwintering Banana Trees


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When temperatures fall under 50 ° Fahrenheit banana trees stop growing. This is why before the winter comes you should apply mulch heavily as well as prune the leaves. Once prepared, place the plant in a warm, bright room until spring.