Everyone has a weakness for something, and for most of us it is chocolate! You know the feeling when your heart starts to beat faster and faster when you see brownies, cupcakes, ice cream, Sacher torte, cookies and so on.

But you also have to watch those calories.

It is not good to deprive yourself of foods you love, you must allow yourself some treat for the sake of enjoyment.

Chocolate and chocolaty desserts are usually unhealthy, but there is an alternative. There are many no-sugar, vegan, gluten-free recipes out there that you can choose from. Often times they “taste healthy” and lack of flavor.

You don’t have to worry about this now.

We have selected ten gorgeous recipes. These guilt-free chocolaty treats taste like they’re packed with sugar and butter and they will surely curb the craving!

1. Avocado Mocha Mousse

TOP 10 Guilt-Free Chocolaty Treats

Recipe via thegoodnessexchange.com

Nothing is more satisfying than some beautiful creamy, chocolaty mousse! This recipe is simple and quick, exactly what we need when the craving starts. The mousse is layered with crunchy granola and nuts and than it’s topped with juicy blueberries. It is a healthy, vegan alternative to a rich full of calories chocolate mousse!

2. Vegan and Gluten-free Raspberry Nut Truffles

TOP 10 Guilt-Free Chocolaty Treats

Recipe via veggiechick.com

These Raspberry Nut Truffles are a fantastic guilt-free dessert! The truffles don’t require baking, they are easy to make, and contain no extra sugar. You just have to blend the ingredients (cashews, ground flax seed, dates) in a food processor and add the raspberry jam. Than form into 1 inch balls, place in the freezer and than coat each truffle completely in chocolate.

3. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Brownies

TOP 10 Guilt-Free Chocolaty Treats

Recipe via www.bakerita.com

These Chocolate Covered Strawberry Brownies are so delicious and surprisingly guilt-free! There is no refined sugar, no gluten in them and they don’t even have any chocolate at all, only cocoa powder. You must try these fudgy brownies with fresh strawberries!

4. Gingerbread Chocolate Bars

TOP 10 Guilt-Free Chocolaty Treats

Recipe via www.win-winfood.com

Decadently chocolaty, moist and flavorful this Gingerbread Chocolate Bar recipe will not disappoint. They are super delicious and guilt-free at the same time! There is a surprising ingredient that should not put you off: beans! Yes you read it right. When it comes to fudgy, moist desserts, beans are one of the best and hardly detectable ways to make them healthier while adding some extra protein and fiber.

5. Chocolate Oreo Ice Cream Cups

TOP 10 Guilt-Free Chocolaty Treats

Recipe via cleancheatrepeat.wordpress.com

These beautiful little ice cream cups are almost to good to bee true! They are guilt-free, healthy and nutritious! The base of the cup is a classic date-and-nut crust with a bit of cacao and the filling is made of coconut milk and raw chocolate.

6. Guilt-free Chocolate Ice Cream

TOP 10 Guilt-Free Chocolaty Treats

Recipe via bowsessed.com

One of the most tempting sweets for must of us is ice cream… But we have good news for you, this one is different! The ingredients you will need are cashews, dates, cacao powder and water. It is really that simple! Try this thick and creamy chocolate ice cream that is all-natural, vegan and raw.

7. Raw Chocolate Almond Butter Fudge Bars

TOP 10 Guilt-Free Chocolaty Treats

Recipe via www.theawesomegreen.com

You can easily turn your favorite chocolate dessert into its healthy guilt-free raw version if you follow this recipe. These healthy and super tasty fudge bars are packed with nutrients: potassium (from both banana and dates), healthy fats and minerals. Make sure to use raw cacao powder to gain the important antioxidants!

8. Guilt-free Dark Chocolate Brownies

TOP 10 Guilt-Free Chocolaty Treats

Recipe via melangeofmusings.com

World would be a very sad place without beautiful, fudgy chocolate brownies.  If you are looking for a good substitute for the regular chocolate brownies, here it is! This is a no eggs, no butter and no sugar recipe. It’s so good that you won’t miss the regular brownies anymore.

9. Healthy Chocolate Pear Cake with Caramel Frosting

TOP 10 Guilt-Free Chocolaty Treats

Recipe via dessertswithbenefits.com

We would have never guessed that this Chocolate Pear Cake is actually guilt-free and healthy! Would you? This is a must try, it’s incredibly moist and insanely chocolaty.  It has a sweet and creamy Caramel Frosting that matches perfectly with the chocolate, pear and spices.  One bite and you’ll be hooked!

10. Healthy Chocolate Cookies

TOP 10 Guilt-Free Chocolaty Treats

Recipe via pixiedustkitchen.com

Healthy cookies are might just be the best way to satisfy your sugar cravings. There is no butter, no white sugar (only 1/2 C of brown sugar) in these cookies and the flour used is a mixture of white and whole wheat flour. Avocado acts as nature’s butter and the honey, vanilla extract and cocoa powder will make your cookies delicious!