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Top 10 Adorable Hairstyles for Shoulder Length Hair

…Or should we say, for shorter hair as well? The bob hairstyle really got popular this year, and we absolutely love it – especially when it’s messy. But when the long hair is gone, we cannot help but sometimes feel like all the pretty hairstyles we could do are now gone.

It’s partly true, some of them said “bye” with the hair, but it doesn’t mean that now we have just leftovers! There are so many adorable and easy hairstyles that you can do with your medium or shorter-length hair. From braids to updos, you are going to love these.

1. Boho Festival Knot Braid



There is something about bohemian hairstyles that make us fall in love with them every time we see one! This knot braid is certainly not an exception. To make this beautiful hairstyle, first of all, begin by making your hair a bit messy. Whether or not it’s going to be no heat curls or done with the help of a curling iron, it is your choice. Make two fishtail braids from each side of the head and make a knot. It’s that easy!

2. Classic Wave



The classic waves are such an elegant hairstyle. With them, you will definitely feel like a street-style diva with a red carpet hairstyle. In this case, they are made with a classic wave wand, but if you don’t have to try out with the curling iron. Also, hair clips are really going to be helpful in the process, as most of the time, you will want to separate the already made curls from the ones that come next.

3. Low Messy Bun



There is something so charming and elegant about this simple, casual hairstyle. It requires the minimum of our time, and all we need is just a hair clip and a teasing comb if you want to tease a bit. Just pull your hair down, make a messy bun out of it, and leave out two pieces of hair in the front. The result is absolutely amazing! It’s perfect for any occasion.

4. Half Up with Bow



Bows can be the real deal when it comes to hairstyles. They can add so much charm to any hairstyle – braids, buns, ponytails, and in this case, the half up. It is not the most creative hairstyle one can make, but if we want to make it look more than just a simple looking hairstyle, using a ribbon tied as a bow will certainly do the trick. What you get is a lovely, vintage half-up!

5. Braided Updo



Braids and updos can make such a wonderful hairstyle when combined both, and this picture proves it. Start out by diving your hair into four sections, make braids and tie them off. Then, it’s all about doing some little tricks with the braids by wrapping and securing them! But no worries, just follow the link, and you’ll see how to make things happen with this adorable hairstyle.

6. Fishtail Halfsie



One of the cutest ways to make out of your hair is the fishtail braid. No matter if your hair is long, medium, or shorter, there’s always a way to make a fishtail, at least a tiny one. This hairstyle is no hard at all. The steps are very easy, and as you might guess, you should start out by making your hair a bit messy (because messy looks so good!), and then you can do your very own braid.

7. Half Up Top Knot



Same hairstyle, different hair length! It looks good on both. This hairstyle really got popular in the past few months. There’s something really bohemian and casual, but not so casual about it. Which is awesome, and that’s why we like it. To have this hairstyle, there are only three steps to go through. Part your pair, make a ponytail at the top of your hair, wrap it around, and pull your hair to create the bun look alike.

8. French Twist



The French twist cannot but simply remind us of famous actress Brigitte Bardot. She really made it iconic. We simply love this hairstyle because of two obvious reasons: it’s easy to make, and its’ elegance makes it perfect for almost any occasion. It’s perfect for summer days when you can’t stand the heat or when you simply want to go out for a coffee or on a date. The options are endless! Check out the link to see the instructions.

9. Classic Pin-Up



Again with the good old fashion hairstyles. They really have something that makes them such a classic. This one gives away some 50’s vibes. It’s a really beautiful hairstyle, but mind that it’s not the easiest hairstyle to get. If possible, get a friend to help you, or if you feel like you have the needed skills, just go ahead! No regrets; it will certainly be worth it.

10. Chic Updo



This flower looks like a low updo is very cute and easy to make. Start by separating your hair in three and gather the middle part into a low ponytail, and then make a bun out of it. Divide the two other sections into two more and twist them around the bun you have made. If needed, secure with bobby pins, and it’s recommended to use hairspray as well.

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