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Top 10 DIY Ideas for Headboard Bench

Everybody has a headboard that they’ve invested money in, whether it was 10 or 15 years ago. If you’re one of those people who have a vintage headboard without enough space for it, we have a solution for your problem.

With a little work you can easily transform it into an outdoor or indoor, usable bench. This project is perfect for entryways, porches, and other empty spaces in your home that need a little pick-me-up. In this article you will find top 10 ideas to turn a headboard into a bench for seating. Good luck!

Wonderful Black Bench


Instead of having a solemn-looking object in the bedroom, you can turn it in to a classic style piece of auxiliary furniture that is great for the hallway or mudroom. There will always be somebody to keep this bench warm.

Garden Bench


Imagine having a refreshing lemonade in your garden. Alone, in piece and quite, without having to see the neighbor or their annoying kids. What a bench! Who cares, because you have this awesome fixture that’s like the cherry on top of the cake for your yard.

Romantic White Bench


Of course, benches are romantic by default. They have been the opening scene for many love stories, true and fictional. What makes a true romantic bench, though, are a few tweaks and details. You can see it all for yourself by checking out the tutorial.

DIY Perfect Headboard Bench


We would argue that each of the benches on our list is perfect. However, there is a reason why this one in particular has earned that moniker. First, its whiteness, along with the basket spaces below, make it super cute! The ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ cushion on top is the coup de grace.

Welcome Headboard Bench


‘Welcome’ is a word usually associated with door mats and signs near the entryway. No one says it always has to be that way. You should put this thing of beauty in any place you wish. Pumpkins or not, it looks great all year round!

Pretty Headboard Bench

Do you feel pretty, reader? Well, you should, because you are awesome. So is this headboard-turned-bench, by the way. Keep in mind that this bench is without arms. But why should that stop you from enjoying it?

French Country Look Bench


Voulez-vous rester ici avec moi? This is not only a throwback, but a throwback to a long-gone, more sophisticated era. Perfect for reading Balzac or Molière, it is sure to add a great deal of class and style to your home.

Corner Bench From Head And Foot Boards


Now, here is an interesting concept. This is not your traditional bench. But then again, neither is it a traditional headboard. It’s a Franken-board, whose L-shape design makes it perfectly capable of fitting in any nook or cranny.

Metal Headboard Bench


Even if you are not a metal fan, you have to admit that it looks pretty cool. It is sleek, light, and cute, and we are sure that nobody would miss that metallic creaking in the bedroom, especially during… certain activities.

Headboard Bench With Hidden Storage


Last but not least, here is a bench that used to be a headboard and has storage space within it. The best thing about it is that neither of these two things is obvious. It is stylish, but discretely useful. Who could possibly want anything more from a piece of furniture?

Now that we are at the end of the list, it is time for a little sit-down. If only there were a bench somewhere nearby! Oh, wait. That’s right, it is up to you to get up and start making it from an old, outdated headboard.

Actual work aside, how do you find the items on our list? Do you think any of them is particularly pleasing? Are there any that are not exactly your cup of tea? Or are there perhaps techniques among the listed benches that you would do differently? Speak up, and leave a comment in the comment section below.


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