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Top 10 Easy Ways To Create Butterfly Feeder In Less Than An Hour

Creating a garden that will attract birds and insects has become quite popular lately. Many gardeners are using different tricks and specific plants to bring their magical beauty into their gardens. There are other, simpler ways to bring fascinating creatures, like butterflies, for instance, right into your backyard. One of them is by building a tempting Butterfly feeder that they can not resist.

Today we are talking about how to attract butterflies into your garden, whether for the simple pleasure of watching them in all of their beauty or for their ability to promote growth by pollinating flowers. As we said, one of the easiest ways to invite them is to offer them food. And you can easily build a butterfly feeder by following one of the tutorials we are sharing below.

It does a fantastic spring project that you can do with your kids. They will love watching the beautiful butterflies eating the sweet nectar you’ve served to them.

We believe you are already tempted to build a butterfly feeder as soon as possible so let us show you how to do it…

Mason Jar Butterfly Feeder



The number of butterflies and other pollinators is declining, so putting a feeder in your garden can really help them. This simple butterfly feeder you can easily make will make a perfect addition to your flowers’ bed and bring lots of colorful butterflies. All you need to build is a mason jar, twine, hammer, nail, sea sponge, and paint. Now follow the tutorial and when the feeder is done, fill it with butterfly nectar made by mixing 1 part pure cane sugar to 9 parts water.

Butterfly Feeder Jug



Celebrate the beginning of spring by making this cool butterfly feeder. It is made out of a wine jug. Check out those beautiful flower designs all over it – they scream spring! To make this feeder follow the tutorial on the link above. When done, hang your Butterfly Feeder outside and wait for the butterflies to stop by.

How To Make a Butterfly Feeder from Thrifted Stuff



If your budget is very tight, don’t worry – you can still make a butterfly feeder. This one is made from a thrift salad plate and a glass sundae dish. It is very easy to assemble. You can watch a video tutorial here. Such a nice addition to your garden!

DIY Butterfly Feeder in 6 Simple Steps



Encourage butterflies to visit your yard and pollinate your plants by making this easy butterfly feeder in 6 simple steps. You will need a baby food jar or a mason jar, kitchen sponge, hammer and nail, heavy-duty string, sugar, scissors, a saucepan, and some flowers to decorate it.

Plate butterfly feeder



This beautifully made feeder will not only invite butterflies to your garden but will also serve as an attractive ornament. You will need an acrylic plate, wire plate holder, string, metal washer, sponge, silk flowers and leaves, and some hot glue. When you have everything ready, follow the 6 easy steps to create the feeder.

Easy Kid Made Butterfly Feeder



Make this easy butterfly feeder with your kids. All you need is a plastic planter, some string, and butterfly food. When done, hang it on a tree and spend some valuable family time watching beautiful butterflies feeding right in front of you. Your kids will truly enjoy it.

Tin Can Butterfly Feeder



This feeder is made out of a tin filled with a cotton ball soaked in sugar water and some colorful flowers. The butterflies will love both the sweet food and the bright colors. They will instantly come to feed, and you can enjoy the mesmerizing sight.

Washi Tape Butterfly Feeder



Here is another easy-to-make butterfly feeder using a plain mason jar. For a more superior effect, decorate the tape with bright colored washi tape. Follow the steps shown in the tutorial we share and hang your feeder on a tree in your garden. Your yard will be soon filled with butterflies!

Glass Plate Butterfly Feeder



How amazing does this butterfly feeder look among all those flowers in the garden? It is a real art and helps wildlife at the same time. You will need a glass jar, a plate, some decorative marbles, 2 candlestick holders, and clear silicone, which is actually the most expensive item you will need. The whole project will cost no more than $15.

Easy Pie Tin Butterfly Feeder



You can make a beautiful butterfly feeder out of a pie tin! Punch four even holes in the pie tin, insert the string through the holes, then tie a big knot at the bottom so that the beads do not fall through the pie tin. Create a pattern of the beads on each string. Make sure you use colorful beads, as butterflies love bold colors. Tie the strings at the top and hang the feeder. Fill it with fresh fruits like bananas and oranges.

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