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Top 10 Homemade Weed Killers That Will Kill The Weed Without Killing The Plant

Weeds – they are our gardens’ worst enemies! How many different ways have you tried to get rid of them? Pulling, using round-up or other store-bought solutions. Now you must be aware that all these store-bought weed killers are full of toxic chemicals and harmful not only for your plants but also to the environment.

This is why making a natural, homemade weed killer is the perfect and smart thing to do. You will be surprised to see how useful, practical, safe, and budget-friendly can homemade weed killers be. We have collected our favorite weed killer recipes from around the net, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

Check them out – we promise they will kill the weed without killing the plant.

Homemade All Natural Weed Killer



If you don’t want to use toxic materials to kill those boring weeds, the solution is to make a homemade all-natural weed killer. This way, you will not only control the ingredients, but you’ll also save money as making one at home is so much cheaper than buying one. Take this easy recipe – it is an all-natural, incredibly cheap, highly effective solution for regaining control of your garden.

Best Homemade Weed Killer Using Household Ingredients



This is so easy! Who would have thought that you can make a great weed killer using simple ingredients you already have in your kitchen. We found the recipe, and we think this is definitely worth trying. It uses vinegar, salt, and dish detergent – ingredients present in every household.

Boiling Water



Now here is an all-natural, totally safe, and cheapest ever way to kill those weeds. Just boil water and pour over them – and they’ll be cooked to death. Funny how simple things can be. Make sure you pour the hot water only over the weeds, not the plants.

The most obvious weed killer and preventer ever



Want to know what’s the trick here? Salt! Salt is an awesome weed killer – don’t overdo it because it can be harmful to the environment. This truly is the best weed killer for doorways and pathways. The tips you need are just in this tutorial.

Vinegar & Dish Detergent



Spring is here, and it is the perfect time to get rid of all those weeds. Why not do it naturally? Even using only vinegar with added 1 or 2 squirts of the dishwasher can kill weed effectively. Just put it in a spray bottle and use it on weed during the hottest part of the day.

Vodka Spray



Now, this is something interesting that we haven’t heard of before. Although it is a little more expensive than using vinegar, it is a quite effective weed control solution. Don’t worry, though – you’ll only need 30 ml of Vodka, a teaspoon of the dishwasher, and 2 cups of water, and voila! Sun + alcohol = no weeds.

An Effective Natural Weed Killer Recipe That’s Cheap To Make And Easy To Use



Sometimes you need a little convincing to believe that some homemade product works, and we get it – there is so much scam online. This is why we chose to share this weed killer recipe – not only do they provide a great recipe, but also a detailed tutorial, tips, and tricks.

Non-Toxic Weed killer That Works



This spring, get rid of the weeds in your garden with the help of this inexpensive weed killer, which is most importantly non-toxic. Prepare it by mixing citrus cleaner concentrate,  citric acid, and liquid dish soap. Choose an organic and non-toxic dish soap.

Homemade Earth-Friendly Weed Preventer



We love the way this weed preventer fights weeds. Using an Earth-friendly weed preventer is a smart thing to do. And it works like a charm! Just make sure you spray the plants when it is warm outside. It is yet another vinegar/lemon/ dishwasher solution, but they have a nice, detailed tutorial with useful tips.

Organic Safe Weed Killer



Another very easy method to get rid of weed by using just one simple ingredient. This time it is white vinegar. Vinegar is quite strong, so it is best to use it on patios and sidewalks. When using on the lawn or somewhere else in your garden, make sure you stream it just over the weed, without getting any on the actual plant or grass.

8 thoughts on “Top 10 Homemade Weed Killers That Will Kill The Weed Without Killing The Plant”

  1. Interested in hearing from anyone that has used this in active flower beds. Will it remain on weeds or does it seep into the soil then damage scrubs and ornamental plants near weeds? Contact only or systemic as well?

  2. I have tried the vinegar, salt and dish detergent….I think my weeds and grass love it….they are not dying!!!! I might just try straight vinegar….

  3. The vinegar and Epsom salts/ Dawn mix killed weeds in the street cracks. AT least they turned brown. But I just read that Roundup (which i do not buy) breaks down but salt stays in the environment forever.

  4. I don’t think anything works in Florida . Seems like all I do is spray the weeds but they never go away . Tried the salt and vinegar and the boiling water but they’re still out there .

  5. The Hot boiled water will work! We have
    done it ! It uses water and energy so who
    knows which one is better. I used the vinager
    it worked ok, but now it says the salt stays
    In the earth. I am using it for the weeds in
    the cracks in the driveway.


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