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Top 10 Hottest Male Celebrities

Hollywood is full of so many gorgeous, successful, charismatic, and most of all – sexy people. This is a place where beauty and talent mix. But to be honest, every girl is mostly interested in famous male actors, singers, and sports players.

Seriously, what would we do without these sexy celebrity men who are as much a part of our fantasies as they are of reality!? Here’s our tribute to the top 10 Hottest Celebrity Men who are handsome and talented at the same time.

It was almost impossible to include everyone’s favorites to this ultimate list of sexiest celebrity men alive, but we did try. Enjoy the view and let us know if anyone is missing from this list?!

1. Michael B Jordan


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We tried looking for the worst photograph taken of him, however, this welcomed us with great difficulties. We finally found him grimacing and still, still looking dead handsome. Whether you are a woman or a straight man, you got to admit, he has a lot going for him. Leave us your comment on this one. We could have done the sexiest top 10 hottest photographs of him. Or maybe a top 25. Or 50. Whatever. And he can act! That’s just the bonus, to be honest.

2. George Clooney


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Beard or no beard? It honestly doesn’t really matter. When younger, George, never really did much. However, add a couple of grey hairs, a few wrinkles here and there, and oh my! He morphed into an absolute handsome best of a gentleman admired by everyone and oozing so much class it is crazy. A few male celebs can be classed as “hot”, however very few can carry forward something that not everyone has, and that is a charismatic charm with sex appeal attached to it. This guy in his 70s will still look pretty handsome. After all, we are all aging so best look at our partner and understand the aging potential!

3. Chris Hemsworth


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A lot of men do age really well if not, some might say, even better. This well-known superhero is so much more than an actor of appearance. An amazing eyes, gorgeous hair, and what a body! The Australian actor has everything to be called handsome. Long or short hair, everything works really. Those abbs, and arms, are absolutely impressive. The picture has it all.

4. Ryan Gosling


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Ryan is maturing and is showing even more character. A super handsome, total ladies’ man and the cute and nice kind. Not for everyone if you prefer grunt and a rugged character, but someone that shares the principles of Clooney, 30 years younger attracting the same audience but perhaps a little younger! He has made so many movies and too many to name although we reckon you know them all off by heart. Pretty man with impeccable dress sense without care for fashion.

5. Brad Pitt


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Apparently, he likes to play around with his mates and forget that he once had a super hot wife by his side. It felt like everyone divorced at the time. What a handsome man. Cannot say enough. At almost fifty, we believe every twenty-something years old would find the guy irresistible. This man oozes with manhood and actually without a word describes what a man should look like and act. He was always a handsome man no matter his age.

6. Jason Momoa


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A big and adventurous man with a bad boy attitude, well, you cannot get much better than with the awesomely manliest man alive, Jason Momoa. Even in the name, you know that this man is not kidding. Super handsome. Super built. Super big long scary beard and tattoos everywhere. And the crazy good acting to go with it. An attractive man with long hair. Do we know any other hot male celebs that can pull long hair off?

7. Vincent Cassel


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Sometimes you have characters that on paper are no match for the asymmetrical and rather fortunate human being that the mass population finds attractive. But, if we look just a tad deeper, we find extremely sexy personalizes behind somewhat unconventional looks that once all put together, makes a remarkably handsome man who oozes terribly with sex appeal. Plus the accent makes it even more…

8. Johnny Depp


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A male celebrity that oozes with charm, and possibly one of the rarest men on the planet that can pull off earrings. We mean a lot of them, purple-tinted glasses very often, and pull the entire thing together, rather, perfectly well. And longish hair all done in an “I really don’t care fashion”. And that’s brilliant. He is a man of massive talent when it comes to acting and a true family kinda guy. Making this very attractive indeed on top of the masses amount of character dropping off him.

9. Jason Statham


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A lot of you ladies out there love a good, bald man. Feel free to disagree only if you feel concerned by this! His martial art body and action figure have been his ticket to stardom with physique men would love to have. And, still looking impeccably sharp. He has that charming bad boy thing going for him. The British accent does support the whole Jason Mania thing we will have to say.

10. Michael Ealy


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Definitely one of the hottest black men in Hollywood. Those blue eyes… He has that cheeky kinda smile that’s his signature. A lazy way to flirt. What’s great about him is that he is not trying to get the ultimate and typical Hollywood body that would mean living at the gym, but it’s just him and his handsome self. A terrific actor too. Did we mention the blue eyes? Oh…

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