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Top 10 Tips How To Choose The Right Eye Shadow For You

Your eyes are the most distinguishing feature on your face, followed by your lips. Therefore, it is essential always to sparkle as they could add some charm to your face. This, therefore, means that you must know how to choose the correct eye shadow colour that will accentuate them.

Your eyes are one of your most prominent facial features. Like many women, you may wear eye shadow in an attempt to emphasize your eyes. Yet you may wonder if you are wearing the right colour or even applying your eye shadow correctly.

Choosing the right eye shadow depends on several factors: your skin tone, your outfit and the colour of your eyes. Even your level of makeup application expertise plays a role. Read on to find out a few ways to choose the right eye shadow.

Choosing the right eye shadow doesn’t have to be tricky. Follow the tips, and you’ll find what eye shadow colour is best for you.

Eye Shadow for Brown Eyes



Brown eyes range in the shade from very light to almost black. Women with brown eyes also have a range of skin tones, from fair to chocolate to black, although their hair tends to be dark.  Because of this, there is no one range of shades that is right for brown eyes.  However, women with brown eyes are almost always safe when choosing copper, bronze, champagne, green or pink shades.

Eye Shadow for Green Eyes



Women with green eyes often have fiery manes of red hair and fair skin. However, green eyes can also appear with darker skin tones and blonde, brown or even black hair.  In general, cool eye shadow shades such as green, blue, plum, and earth tones such as khaki and taupe look great with green eyes, although some women with darker hair may also be able to wear eye shadows warmer tones such as copper and gold.

Eye Shadow for Blue Eyes



Women with blue eyes often look sensational wearing cool colours such as green, blue, purple and rose. Colours associated with winter and spring are often a natural match with blue eyes, especially if the woman also has blonde or light brown hair. Many women with blue eyes look excellent with grey and slate eye shadow.

Eye Shadow for Hazel Eyes



Hazel eyes can be greener, browner or more grey. The dominant colour in hazel eyes will also determine what eye shadow colours are right. For instance, women with green-hazel eyes should favour cooler eye shadow shades, while women with brown-hazel eyes may find that warmer eye shadow colours make a better match.

Eye Shadow for Warm Skin Tones



If the veins in your wrist are greenish rather than blue, you likely have a warm skin tone. Likewise, if gold jewellery looks better against your skin than silver, you probably have a warm skin tone. Many women with brown and olive skin have warm skin tones. If you have a warm skin tone and dark eyes, look for eye shadow in green or gold. If you have a warm skin tone and green or blue eyes, opt for eye shadow in rose or plum shades.

Eye Shadow for Cool Skin Tones



If the veins in your wrists are blue and silver jewellery looks better on you than gold, you likely have a cool skin tone. Many women with cool skin tones have fair skin with bluish undertones, but women with very dark skin may also have a bluish cast to their complexions. Eye shadow shades such as forest green and deep blue often look fantastic on you. Cool purple and lavender also work with your complexion.

Eye Shadow Choices Daytime



You want a natural look that still keeps you in fashion for daytime eye shadow and gives your eyes definition. Simplicity is the key. You can always go with stronger colours for a more dramatic appearance in the evening. Still, muted, soft colours are good choices for a simple yet fashionable daytime look during the daytime. Read on to learn how to apply daytime shadow.

Eye Shadow Choices for Night-time



When you are out on the town, there is no need to feel constrained in choosing eye shadow shades.  Go for those electric blues, glittery golds or any other shade that works with your eye colour, skin tone and your outfit. You can even match the dramatic eye colour with distinctive lip colour, even though the rest of your make up palette should be neutral to avoid creating an unfortunate clown look.

Coordinate Eye Shadow Shades With Your Outfit



If your eyes are blue, your outfit is blue, and you have bluish undertones in your skin, perhaps you might want to skip the blue eye shadow, at least for that day.  A better choice may be a complementary colour such as rose or a neutral eye shadow shade. Choosing an eye shadow that matches your outfit exactly may create a matchy-matchy look that gives the impression that you are trying just a bit too hard.

Try Eye Shadow Before You Buy



The number one rule for choosing eye shadow, regardless of your eye colour, skin tone, wardrobe, or any other factor, is trying before you buy. One manufacturer’s slate blue eye shadow may be quite different from how another manufacturer interprets the same shade. You may find using cream eye shadow difficult, or powder eye shadow may look too flat for your taste. If one shade doesn’t work, keep trying until you find a shade that does. You may soon find that you have an entire range of go-to eye shadow colours.

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