You don’t need a lot of effort or the best soil in order to grow rosemary. You can live in Mediterranean climate or cooler environment and you will be able to grow this evergreen plant in both cases. This undemanding flower, really easy to maintain, is also a very healthy and tasty herb you can add to your food.

Rosemary can survive even a severe lack of water for a longer periods of time. Another advantage is that it can last even more than twenty years when planted.

Here are some useful advices how to take care for your own Rosemary plant.

1. Location



If you live in a frost free area, you can grow the plant in the ground year round. Rosemary grows around four feet tall and also spreads to about four feet.

It is recommended to leave approximately one and a half feet of free space around this fragrant plant. Especially if the growing area is warmer, rosemary can grow into a large and thick hedge.