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Maintaining a Safe HVAC System During Home Renovations

Having home renovations carried out is an exciting experience. It’ll leave you with an updated space that’s sure to better meet your family’s needs. Of course, it’s no secret that a project like this can make a major mess. After all, there has to be a certain amount of deconstruction and demolition to make way for home improvements. Things generally have to get a bit worse before they can get better, right?

Chances are you’ll be taking measures to protect any appliances and fixtures you won’t be getting rid of during the renovation. You’ll also either cover or move your furniture to protect it from dust, paint, and other hazards it might be up against while the contractors are working their magic on your home. Many people overlook the importance of protecting their HVAC systems when remodeling their homes, but that’s a mistake they generally come to regret later on. To prevent issues with your HVAC system after the fact, it’s important to protect it during your home renovation. The following steps can help you do just that. 

Cover Your Vents


One of the most effective ways to protect your HVAC system during remodeling is to cover the vents in the areas where the work will be taking place. Close them or place plastic over them to keep dust out of the ductwork and, ultimately, your heating and air conditioning units. Dust naturally accumulates in your HVAC system over time, but remodeling projects create far more dirt and debris than normal. All that material can take a serious toll on your HVAC system if it makes its way inside. It may detract from the system’s efficiency and effectiveness and cause it to wear out much faster than it should. 

Turn Off the System

Another step you should take is turning off the heater or air conditioner while contractors are working. Keep in mind that dust and debris won’t only be flying around in the parts of your home where renovations are taking place. They’ll spread throughout the house and work their way into unprotected vents. Because of that, be sure to turn off the system while the contractors are there. It may be more difficult to heat or cool your home when they leave at the end of the day and the dust settles a bit, but that’s a small price to pay for the damage that could ensue if you leave the system running. 

Change the Filters

Consider changing the HVAC filters both before the remodeling begins and after it’s finished as well. Air filters are designed to catch dust and other particles before they have a chance to circulate through your home. They’ll do the same with all the debris created during your renovations, but that means they’ll get clogged much faster than usual. When the filters are clogged, the HVAC system has to work harder to draw in air, and that’ll affect its performance and longevity. Starting with fresh filters at the beginning of the remodel will minimize the toll the project has on your HVAC system, and swapping them out for new filters afterward will get rid of all the excess dirt and dust. 

Protecting Your HVAC System

Your HVAC system is a major part of your home, and it’s also a sizable investment. If you don’t protect it during renovations, you could end up repairing or replacing it after the fact. That would be yet another expense to add to your remodel, and it’s one that can easily be avoided. Use the tips mentioned here to protect your HVAC system while renovations are being carried out. At the same time, be sure to schedule a tune-up once the project is over for added protection and peace of mind.

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