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Top 10 Incredible Wall Art Ideas

Are you looking for a way to bring something new to your home? Unique wall art may just be what you might need to change the home space and break the monotony!
Refresh your home, and if you don’t know what will suit the best with your home ambient, we have 10 beautiful suggestions for you.

These incredible ideas will inspire you to rearrange your household and bring a new spirit to your home. Each room will have a new character and a new ambiance that will make you feel like you have changed the house. Changes are welcome, aren’t they?

Which one you are tempted to try?

Painted Wood Wall Art


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If you are looking to put sunshine within a room, even on rainy days look no further. Unless perhaps you live right by the seaside where you would like to recreate the magical sensation of the area. It could really dramatically change the aura of the room entirely, costing you under a hundred dollars. And the difference will be like no other. We recommend only do it on one main wall, to the entire surface of the wall or you could minimize it to the side you wish to; more as a frame rather than a huge media wall. Hang the beloved beach objects you took while holidaying and really make a small fuss over them. Totally worth it, done in an afternoon too.

Paint Chip Wall Art


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Have you ever wished to repaint a room or rooms within a house? If so, you might have gone to your nearest specialist paint shop where they handed you paint chips to take back with you. Maybe you had visited the entire city’s worth of paint specialists and realized you have dozens and dozens of paint chips with you. Do not throw it away! This is a great example of how to not throw away, think out of the box, and recycle the items. You would be surprised at how good it looks with the different hues of colors! Once again, you can do the entire wall if you obtain more than what you bargained for, or simply do a lovely small size frame with them inside. Does a similar job.

Easy Wall Hanging Artwork


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Do you have a rug or fabric lying around begging to have a second lease of life? Well, click this link hopefully it will incentivize you. Now, we have a plain white fabric here but any color shapes and sizes will do the trick just fine. You will dress up an unexciting, conventional-looking wall into a really smart, theatrical arty wall with character and attitude. This could take you minutes to do and what is great, is that you can move the artwork from wall to wall never getting used to the monotony of having it in the same place, changing your room.

Abstract Wall Art


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You might have learned at school during your arts and crafts classes about Picasso. Well, he was doing the abstract painting. Now, you can create your own little piece of magic, and you will see, it is a little easier than first imagined. Create something unique for your own wall, or indeed this could be perfect for a gift to a person you love and admire. This shows you a great example of how to use colors and textures; but in reality, the world of colors is between your hands. Choose something that corresponds more to you. Hang it with pride.

Wavy Stripes For Kids Room


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Kids usually have it their way, unless you get in there before the age of say, 2 and a half. Then you can do anything you want really. But the second they start having a personality means that all is now lost! You are at their mercy so to speak! Kids 1 – parents 0 points! But we know that young children and young adults for that matter love bold and expressive colors. So, this is a super wavy one that will make them wish to stay in their room a little longer for say, studying a little?! Be as bold as you wish, and why not get the kids involved in this project to having a lovely afternoon with them.

Ceiling Stripes


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Now this one isn’t for the faint-hearted and more for the adventurous of home designers! This DIY painting makes us go back to the ’70s with the different shades of browns. And we reckon it looks terrific. Now not for everyone, but if you fancy yourself being a little eclectic and rather eccentric, this could be the golden ticket right there. It really gives a full perspective and dimension to the room adding mass amounts of character in the process. Your favorite colors can be used together and not necessarily brown, but also with different shades of pinks from rose to fuchsia or oranges blues, etc.

Rainbow Colors Decoration


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We can never give too much to our children and sometimes we must massage their imagination to look further and beyond in their imaginative creating spirits. After all, the young generation is the future. And something as small as a colored wall, or something that pops could trigger many things within them. And it keeps their minds busy too. The luxurious pales and whites and beige that is sometimes on offer looks far too adult and are let’s face it a little boring for a young mind. Spruce up their area being their bedroom or a playroom adding random colors. Again, something super cool to do with them and get all messy!

Graphic Wall


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We sometimes do our best work under pressure, and in times which seem harder than they ought to. Or is it just us? Don’t we all create something magical under the most challenging of times? Well, we highly suggest that when the time comes, get the tools ready and splash your emotions on your wall! And, all you will need is a little tape, a paintbrush, and paint. Do whatever comes to your mind. Do not base yourself on the link only. Look at your wall, and simply, kick start it. Let it happen…

Geometric Wall Art


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It is lovely to not simply use paints for the walls but to also add some texture to them, making the room forever interesting to look at, and feel. Geometry was made famous by such artists as Charles Rennie Mackintosh with some of his work. You would be surprised with what can be done with pieces of wood. You can choose to paint them in whatever color you fancy as long as they make sense to you (after all, it is your home) or in different shades of wood varnishes.

Cozy Colorful Wall


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If you do not have the skill nor the patience of tiling your living space’s wall, then this could come out terribly brilliantly indeed. It could be great as an example with the kitchen area. It does demand a little initial love and attention being a little tricky to mark out properly, but once done the work almost does itself. And it makes a plain-looking wall look absolutely brilliant in the process. It can remind you of the homes in Southern Europe, rather very Mediterranean looking inspiring you perhaps for your net holiday abroad, eventually when things are back to almost normal! In the meantime, you can recreate a little paradise in your own home.

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