You all probably know that Russia is the biggest country in the world, covering 6,591,027 square miles. Russia stretches across Eurasia, spanning nine time zones and covering about an eighth of the inhabited land area of the Earth. The next largest country is also located in the far north. Canada covers the northern part of the Western Hemisphere, with a total area of 3,854,082 square miles. The United States and China are next on the list, so close in size that their positions are sometimes reversed, depending on the inclusion of particular territories and water areas. Check out the following list to see the other countries that are among the 10 biggest on the Earth.

Russia: 6,591,027 mi2

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 Canada: 3,854,082 mi2

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 United States: 3,717,727 mi2

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 China: 3,704,426 mi2

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Brazil: 3,285,618 mi2

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 Australia: 2,967,124 mi2

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 India: 1,269,009 mi2

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 Argentina: 1,068,019 mi2

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 Kazakhstan: 1,048,877 mi2

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 Algeria: 919,352 mi2

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