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Top 10 Lavender Varieties To Grow in your Garden

Lavender is one of the most popular small garden shrubs, thanks to its wonderful scent and immense drought tolerance. They are perfectly happy in full sun, and the deep purple flower spikes provide great color to your yard or balcony.

While most lavender varieties yield purple flowers, some cultivars come in pure white or pink. All lavenders are extremely attractive to bees and butterflies. They make an excellent cut flower, and you can also use them for medicinal purposes as well.

Here are ten different lavender varieties that will fill your garden with the gorgeous scent of all summer.

 10. Hidcote English Lavender



The Hidcote English lavender is very popular for its deep purple blossoms and tidy height. If you are looking for edging garden beds or walkways, this is a great choice.

It grows in smaller mounds, 12 to 18 inches tall and wide. The sweetly scented flowers are tasty and edible as well.

9. Twinkle Purple Lavender



Twickel Purple is an unusual variety. It has long purple flowers with great fragrance, and it is a fairly large, robust variety of lavender with strong stems. Its long flower stems give it a casual look when mature. Due to its extremely good scent is ideal for cutting and drying.

8. Grosso Lavender



Grosso lavender is a popular variety that is prized for its intensely perfumed blooms. Grosso lavender is often raised commercially for an essential oil that’s used in the perfume industry. It grows 2 to 3 feet tall and wide. ‘Grosso’ lavender is also perfect for crafting or cooking.

7. Little Lottie Lavender



The Little Lottie variety is a dwarf lavender, growing to a height of just 30cm. Therefore it is ideal for smaller gardens or for those who don’t want lavender to overpower. It has fragrant, pinkish-purple flowers above green-grey foliage. It is an ideal choice for smaller outdoor containers or pots. For best results, grow it in well-drained soil in full sun.

6. Provence Lavender



The Provence lavender (Lavandula x intermedia ‘Provence’) is a lavender variety raised commercially, primarily in Provence, France, hence the name. The abundant, fragrant purple flower spikes attract butterflies, and they can be useful as a hedge or edging in the herb garden. This variety is ideal for making lavender wands, wreaths or can be used crushed in sachets.

5. Spanish Lavender



Spanish lavender (Lavandula stoechas) varieties have a totally different look than their cousins. The shorter flower heads are topped with attractive bracts that look like large petals. Spanish lavenders love hot weather and can’t withstand cold temperatures. They’re excellent for containers.

4. Blue Mountain White Lavender



The ‘Blue Mountain White’ Lavender is an extremely rare and lovely lavender variety. It originates from New Zealand. With its pure white flowers and pale green-grey foliage, this stunning variety is a treat to any garden and gardener.

3. Fernleaf Lavender



The Fernleaf variety is a tender shrub usually grown as an annual. This Mediterranean native is a great drought-tolerant plant that is also nice for cut flower arrangements. Its lobed silvery-green leaves give it a delicate, lacy appearance. The flowers can be used as edible decorations on salads and desserts.

2. Ballerina Lavender



The ‘Ballerina‘ variety is also originally from New Zealand. It is lavender, with beautiful contrasting colors of cream and purple. Growing up to 60 cm high, this lavender is ideal for brightening up any border.

1. Rosea Lavender



Rosea lavender is a traditional evergreen hardy, fragrant lavender variety. A delicate pink with lovely green foliage. It can be an excellent replacement for low hedging; its silvery foliage will certainly brighten any garden. Ideally paired with peonies and roses.

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