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Top 10 Low-Maintenance Dog Breeds Perfect for Busy Owners

Are you on the verge of giving in to the temptation of owning a dog? But of course, you also have a busy lifestyle that is work work work. Dogs have been the faithful friends of us all for centuries.

They are there when we need it and are always on call to cheer us up. They are a lifetime companion for life. Little ones will love them like their own, and your home will never be the same again. Take a look at the treat we have installed for you. Remember, a dog is for life, not only for Christmas.

1. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel



Super uber-cute little balls of fluff. Spaniels are super cuddly and demand more than you would have ever given in a lifetime. They are trustworthy and always here to greet you with a lot of affection. Because of these dogs, you can almost not have a bad day at the office. Unfortunately, love has boundaries and King Charles does suffer from heart problems so make sure that you have pet insurance, and be on the lookout for any signs of difficulties from your dog. The diet of this dog is really important so do make your research in advance.

2. French Bulldog



The look on their faces is worth millions if not priceless. It always seems as if they question everything at every moment. They are so joyful, it’ll fulfill you on the grimiest of days. If you have younger ones, they will adapt really well to your family environment as they do not demand too much from you. Happy on their own and happy being fussed about, these bitesize bulldogs are an incredible abundance of joy for the entire family to enjoy. They are stocky and compact meaning they’d fit in pretty much any lifestyle you might own.

3. Lhasa Apso



Lhasa interestingly is the capital of Tibet, so one might understand the origins of this really cute breed. They were once regarded as watchdogs in monasteries isolated high in the Himalayas. Now, chances are they’ll have to content themselves from a 4 story high building! These dogs love to play but believe us, they are dogs willing to defend their territories if ever someone was to intrudes in your home. Feisty little things but only in the adorable sense of the word. They usually keep themselves busy as they do like to have alone playtime too. Naturally, a cuddle or two will spruce them right up.

4. Greyhound



What handsome fellas these! Famous for their runs where many made small fortunes, they are also great as all year round dogs and bags full of affection to hand out. Although they have a svelte waistline and seem to be very into maintaining fit, they are rather happy to be calm and collected. Naturally, if you have a park nearby or the luxury of a big garden, they will do dozens of miles running amuck! You won’t have a living area full of dog hairs as they tend to lose very few and are very short which makes them an idyllic clean dog own in a nice apartment or house.

5. Akita Inu



The Akita is a Japanese breed originating from the mountainous regions of Northern Japan. They are very wary of strangers and are very strong and bold but will care for the family like no other. They are so faithful and very well-behaved. They tend to be a little aggressive towards other dogs but can easily be contained. If you have another dog in the house, then perhaps not, but if you have a young family, the Akita will show a lot of affection and is extremely playful. Just no other animals around!

6. Basset hounds



If you are ok with their very sad little cute faces then this is the one for you! They are huntings dogs but moreover, are perfect for families as they are so loving, friendly, and easy-going. Some say the ultimate family dog. Do not expect the dog to get overly excited, as their famous expression suggests, as they are rather ok going on about their own business on a day-to-day basis. However, they love a good long walk, so after many hours at the office, they get outdoors. Your dog will love you for it and forgive your tardiness coming back home!

7. Chihuahua



These tiny dogs are extremely low in maintenance. They do not or rarely shed too much hair, they are somewhat very lazy and love the company of humans, like they love their alone time, like they love being with other Chihuahuas. They fit in a bag, they will possibly fit in your shoe. These are perfect for people with a very small apartment but wishing to have some animal love coming back from work. They do like to walk of course but are happy staying home in the comfort and warmth you have to offer. Adorable little things small enough to fit in your hand.

8. Maltese



One breed of dog that adores a good pamper. The Maltese dog will not really understand what walking is, and would rather have a puppy cut, or even a spa treatment. It is a perfect companion for cuddly days and nights in. it will not mind you not being here for hours on end, but those little snowballs would love a good treat once you’ll be back home.

9. Shar Pei



Once upon a time in the 19th century, this breed of dog became almost instinct. They were once used and trained for fighting in China even though all they wanted was love and affection. It is the perfect breed of dog for your family especially if you have a busy schedule at work. It will be very forgiving and hand over all the love they can. A rather unusual dog for those seeking something a little different when it comes to a lifelong companion.

10. Whippet



As the name will suggest, this is one of a more energetic dog that wouldn’t mind the odd playfight but that is also extremely affectionate. It is a British dog that descends from the greyhound and is known for having very few health issues. This is a very important approach before choosing your dog is understanding the needs and requirements as time goes by. They do not require much grooming and are great by themselves in apartments although they do love a good walk. Get two so they can keep one another entertained.

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