Who needs a make-up artist when we have youtube? There are so much inspiring beauty gurus out there, that almost always begin with bare faces and walk the viewer through each make-up step as they apply it to their own face, and can make every look possible, and all you have to do is just to follow their steps. Some of the guru’s are followed by thousands of subscribers, such as Carli Bybel, Michelle Phan, Chloe Morello, Little Kiva and other. If you are looking for glamorous make-up look, you dont have to watch them all,  because we have chosen the top 10 videos that are the most informative and useful. They are great to wear on parties, weddings or night with the girl, if you want a glam look, then this is the right thing for you. Just choose your favorite of them all and rock the look!

Gorgeous Red Lips

red-lipsTutorial via Carli Bybel

Black Smokey Eyes

black-eyesTutorial via chloemorello

Bond Girl

bondTutorial via Michelle Phan

Burgundy Lips

glam-lipsTutorial via chloemorello

Natural Glam

natural-glamTutorial via Carli Bybel

Spanish Rose

spanish-roseTutorial via Michelle Phan

Sparkly Eyes

gold-gliterTutorial via ChrisspyMakeup

Emerald Eyes

ezeral-eyesTutorial via Carli Bybel

Purple Liner

purpleTutorial via LittleKiva

Light Gold Touch

light-goldTutorial via Lauren Curtis