If you keep your makeup on your desk or in your bathroom, it is time to find a makeup table that suits you, and your bedroom style, because you sure deserve it! But when it comes to makeup vanities, they are hard to find if you are picky. So just ask yourself, what is the type of vanity that you would like in your room? A simple hardwood desk? A mirror reflect desk? With or without drawers? Vintage or Modern style?
Whether your answer would be, here we have 10 helpful solutions for you, if you still can’t decide what you really want. So, look at them, choose what would be the best for you and your style, and go out to shopping!
It is something that every woman would enjoy, and when you get it, we assure you that your dressing up and getting ready would never be the same, and you would feel a positive change. Good luck to you!

Color Blended Vanity

blendedPhoto credit to trends-bathroom-designs.info

Modern Flair

modern-flairPhoto credit to fereckels.com

Inspiring Vanity

inspiring-makeup-ideaPhoto credit to zuhairah-homeinteriordesign.blogspot.com

Green Touch Vanity

green-touch-vanityPhoto credit to eli.mama.lt

Shabby to Chic Vanity

Shabby-to-Chic-VanityPhoto credit to fereckels.com

Glam Grooming

glam-groomingPhoto credit to confessionsofahousejunkie.blogspot.com

Chelsea White

chelsea-whitePhoto credit to efurniturehouse.com

Lilac Vanity

lilac-vanityPhoto credit to pbteen.com

Hampton Vanity

hampton-vanityPhoto credit to pbteen.com

Three Mirror Vanity

three-mirror-vanityPhoto credit to pbteen.com