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Top 10 Super Easy Minimalist Nail Art Ideas

Having our nails done can be such a great thing, especially if we’re talking about adorable nail art that everyone will admire. No matter if you’re a beginner or already very good at making the art, these ten ideas are going to be easy for all.

In this article, we’re showing you ten ideas presenting the minimalist style. Minimalism is the reason why it’s so easy to do it yourself and will look so great. You don’t experiment too much, yet what you have is something chic and gorgeous – looking. Check them out and tell us which is your favorite!

1. Glitter



It’s all about glitter! This look is really easy to copy. All you need to do is pick a nail polish in your favorite color, preferably in neutral, pastel color, to achieve a minimalist look. For an extra gorgeous look, put glitter on the ring finger. It will add a bold look and will certainly stand out from the rest of the nail art. It’s simple, yet so pretty!

2. Bronze and Black



This is similar to the half-moon manicure. Black and bronze go very well together, and you don’t need to be professional to make your nails look great. Just put a black coat and on the bottom of the nails paint bronze. This picture just proves how good it looks! The black and bronze nail art will go really well with gold jewelry, so next time when you’ll think about your nail polish, think about this idea.

3. Bronze and White



Similar to the previous idea, this one also is black and bronze, with white being included. So what you need to do is paint your nails white, and bronze diagonally or whatever you like, and separate these two nail polishes with black lines. Of course, you can pick the other three colors, but just be careful not to use too bold colors that won’t appear that minimalistic.

4. Dark Tips



Ladies, it really can’t get any simpler than this. No matter if it’s black, white, or any other color by your choice, just paint the tips of your nails. It’s so easy to do this, and it’s great if you’re in such a hurry but still don’t want to leave your home with your nails undone. This is the perfect idea for anyone who doesn’t like spending too much time doing their nails.

5. Marble



We see how the marble technique got such a trend in the past few seasons. It’s no longer just a way of decorating our kitchen furniture, but with a little help from the DIY tutorials, you can make yourself a phone mask, vase, paper, mug, and many, many more. This includes nail art. Maybe it won’t be successful at first, but the more effort, the better results – don’t give up! Check out the link below the picture to see how it’s done.

6. Spike



Looking for something edgy for nail art? Here’s an awesome idea. If you’re tired of the monochrome combination with only using black and white, choose pink. It’s nice, and as long as it’s a pastel, more baby pink color, you will achieve a minimalist look. When you’re done painting your nail base pink, wait for it to dry and paint black spikes as on the picture.

7. Monochrome



Black and white is such a classic combination, even when it comes to nail art, not just clothes. You can choose whether the base will be black and white; it’s up to you. When you choose, paint the nails, leave them to dry and then apply the other nail polish by painting small lines like on the picture.

8. Dots



With nail art like this, you don’t have any excuses for not having your nails done. Instead of polka dots, to achieve a minimalist look, just paint one dot on each nail. But, before that, you should paint them in another color, preferably a pastel, neutral color so that the black dots can stand out better.

9. Half Moons



This is a very classy manicure and will certainly stand out the test of time. It’s very chic and got so popular in the past few seasons. Pick your two favorite nail polishes and use the one for making the half-moons at the bottom of the nail. Paint the rest with the other and wait until it’s dry. We’re sure that everyone is going to admire it!

10. Diagonal



Here’s another super easy idea for everyone who feels too lazy to do some nail art or someone who is in a great hurry. Just pick your favorite nail polish and paint your nails diagonally, with just one part of the nail being painted. Leave out the second part and wait until it’s all dry. It looks chic, and it’s great for beginners.

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  1. Svi prikazani lakirani nokti,. uz to sve je u trendu današnjeg vremena,lijepo izgleda, ali ja sam malo u godinama i manje lakiram nokte ali redovno manikiram i to je ogledalo jedne dame. Inaće ponekad samo više roza boja ili crvena kao ruž ili ciklama boja opet kao ruž za usne. Od ovi deset modela, najviše mi se dopalo lakiranje broj 9.


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