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Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals In The US

The truth is that in most cases, it is humans who present a greater danger to animals rather than the other way around. It is good to also keep in mind that all wild animals want to be left alone. Most attacks happen because they feel threatened, are provoked, surprised, or feel that they need to protect their young.

Read on to learn which ones are better to be avoided in the United States.

1. Alligators



These reptiles can be found in the southeast United States. Alligator’s first attempt will probably escape if approached. The biggest threat for us is their ability to camouflage themselves and stay motionless for long periods. That way, we may stumble across them accidentally.

2. Bears



Most common bear attacks happen when they are provoked, starving, or protecting their young. You can find two main species in the USA. First are Black bears, and second is Brown bears, also known as grizzlies which are larger and more aggressive. They have an exceptionally strong bite.

3. Wolves



Gray wolves are faster and stronger than domestic dogs, but they are both parts of the Canine family. They live and hunt in packs and can cover more than 15 feet in a single leap. Wolves can break bones with their teeth but normally won’t attack humans.

4. Spiders



The most dangerous spiders found in the US are the Brown recluse spider and the Black widow. Their bite delivers a potentially deadly venom. The black widow is the most famous, but the Brown recluse is the most dangerous type. Their venom can be deadly to all ages.

5. Big cats



Big cats like pumas, mountain lions, panthers, and catamounts can be found mostly in the Western part of the United States. Normally they don’t attack humans unless they are starving or feel threatened. If this happens, you should make loud noises and throw sticks and stones to scare them off.

6. Snakes



The most dangerous North America’s snakes that can cause serious harm are part of two categories. In the first one, you can find rattlesnakes, cottonmouths, and copperheads. They are collectively known as Pit Vipers. Part of the second category is a coral snake which is easier to spot.

7. Wolverines



Wolverines are much smaller than grizzly bears, but their behavior and aggressiveness are similar to those of much larger animals. It seems they don’t have any fear and will attack animals without regard to their size.

8. Scorpions



You can find around 90 different species of scorpion in the US. Most scorpion stings are not lifethreatening to people but can be very painful. The most venomous type is the bark scorpion which is only about 3 inches long but extremely dangerous.

9. Bees



Killer bees are very aggressive types of bees. They have come from the cross-breeding of African honey bees. Killer bees attack in swarms and can follow you for a long time if their life is threatened. Around 50 people die from bee venom every year.

10. Bulls



Bulls can easily get mad and attack, causing grave injuries and death. They have strong kicks, deadly horns, and great muscles. There are over 500 deaths reported every year caused by livestock such as bulls, cows, and even horses.

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