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Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in the World

Some places around the world are considered to be some of the most dangerous ones on Earth based on the number of violent crimes committed. The general belief is those big cities are more dangerous than small towns.

However, the truth is that crime rates are not determined by the size of the city but by their economic issues. Undoubtedly these cities are not for the faint-hearted and if you decide to visit them it is a must to be aware of the risks and to take sensible precautions.

1. San Pedro Sula, Honduras


On paper, this city has terrific wildlife and natural wilderness with some of the rarest animals on the planet, but unfortunately also has certain issues concerning a growing population of terrorists and frankly speaking, some not super nice people in certain communities which makes this kick off our list. This city has inspired crime, a lot to do with drugs and clans claiming territory. It once held the title of the most dangerous place on the planet with 55 people being killed with every 100,000 citizens.

2. Acapulco, Mexico


A little further south, this city is also recognized as one of the most dangerous cities in the world due to once again, drug trafficking and drug lords. Acapulco was once home to a beautiful coastline of sandy beaches and had its heyday in the 50s and 60s. Now though there is a different story coming from this once magical, jet-set place. The once tourist hotspot is now considered a no-go area due to the daily threats that wave in 24/7. One of the top 10 most dangerous cities in the world right now.

3. Cali, Colombia


These kinds of scenes can be seen on most days of the week where the police embark on dangerous operations trying to cut down on criminals flooding the streets. Gang rivals make this city a never-ending fight that is very unsafe for anyone coming in into an accidental crossfire between clans or indeed police units trying to do their job keeping the people safe. But they are outnumbered. A scary place to be. The once salsa dancing capital, unfortunately, has other ideas which are greatly unfortunate.

4. Manaus, Brazil


We love Brazil for its colors, dancing music, carnivals, and general nightlife energy. But most of the dreamy wonderfulness once surrounding the city, during the night and also day made a turn, and crimes now make this city deadly and unlivable. Unemployment does not help and someone can soon be attacked and robbed if at the wrong place at the wrong time.

5. Fortaleza, Brazil


Dreamy beaches, punctuated mountain tops, and red cliffs, a musical and caipirinha cocktail heaven sees 66 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants which is alarming high. One has to consistently keep an eye open and be on their guard as a mini-war can breakout out of nowhere. This city was once a paradise for tourism as a whole but now is far too dangerous for anyone to venture out, even for the locals themselves.

6. Culiacán, Mexico


Once again, this city was a paradise for travelers and now, however, one is always in the fire zone, no matter where one is between the drug cartels and the firing scads. Many deaths occur here which most of the time is drug-related with gangs upon gangs affirming their strengths and cash power within the city. During the day one could be reasonably safe, and we mean, reasonably, but comes sundown, one would prefer to stay at home. At all times.

7. Kingston, Jamaica


The Capital of Jamaica, Kingston was once home to beautiful, safe, and untouched coastal beaches and the blue mountains, and is an enormous coffee-growing region with trails and waterfalls. Now, gang violence and shooting are unfortunately only too common, and the police find it greatly difficult to tackle this. Especially that a few seem to be rather corrupted. Deemed not safe at night in the inner neighborhoods, but also during the day. It is wise, for now at least, to stay away from this city although some cannot resist going there in the first place.

8. Detroit, United States


Many tourists are still venturing in this city, but with increasing poverty, crime, shooting, and drugs freely available on the streets, Detroit has always been a bit of a hot spot, but increasingly so in the last few years. The crime rate is still the highest in any of the other American states which is why this city is here. There are 20 violent crime rates per 1,000 habitats which are super high and every year becomes more so, a dangerous hotspot for anyone.

9. Manila, Philipines


Manila is to date one of the most densely populated cities in the world and also the capital of the Philippines. Tourism does increase as time goes by but without forgetting the real danger in this baroque, 16th-century city. Drugs are on the rise due to mass amounts of unemployment and also petty crimes that can lead to having a bad day at the office so to speak. If you are on guard, then you could avoid certain problems but one can always come in between an argument between gangs.

10. Sana’a, Yemen


Also known as Sana, it is the largest city in Yemen. It is also known as the city of kidnapping especially of US citizens, land minefields, artillery shelling, armed conflict, airstrikes, a terrorist organization, ought to make any potential visitors which visit other parts of the world. The danger is always around the corner which makes this city, potentially one of the scariest places on Earth. For the long weekend, you dreamt of and planned for years, surely there are more convenient places on planet Earth to visit.

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