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Top 10 Most Destructive Hurricanes in the US History

The Great New England Hurricane


The Great New England Hurricane happened suddenly in 1938. This Category 2 storm took place in Long Island and Connecticut. Some experts argue that it was actually a Category 3 storm. There were 256 deaths, and it caused damage worth 39 billion dollars.

Hurricane Camille

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Hurricane Camille hit Mississippi in 1969 and caused more than 256 deaths. This Category 5 storm damage amount was around 1.4 billion dollars, but the overall damage would be about 21.1 billion if the same storm happened today.

Hurricane Hugo


Hurricane Hugo happened in 1989. It was a Category 4 storm, and it took place in South Carolina. There were 21 deaths, and it caused 7.1 billion dollar damage. After the hurricane happened, it was recognized as the costliest storm in US history.

Hurricane Andrew



Hurricane Andrew was a category 5 storm, and it left millions without power. Many neighborhoods were completely destroyed, and there were more than 60 deaths. It hit Dade County in Florida in 1992 and caused 26.5 billion dollar damage.

Hurricane Floyd


Hurricane Floyd happens in 1999 and caused 57 deaths. This Category 2 storm was devastating because of the rain, which caused extreme flooding from North Carolina up the East Coast. The damage caused by Hurricane Floyd was 6.9 billion dollars.

Hurricane Charley



This Category 4 hurricane named Charley hit many places like Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, Florida Peninsula, Orlando, south side of Daytona Beach, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and southeast Virginia. The storm happened in 2004, causing 10 deaths and 15.1 billion dollar damage.

Hurricane Katrina


Hurricane Katrina hit Mississippi, Gulf Coast, and Louisiana. This great catastrophe happened in 2005. There were more than 1,200 deaths. The damage caused by this Category 3 storm was immense—around 108 billion in dollars. Katrina is arguably the most notorious storm of the 21st century.

Hurricane Ike



Hurricane Ike caused 195 deaths with 29.5 billion dollars in damage. This Category 2 storm happened in 2008. Ike started on the west coast of Africa, made its way over the Caribbean. US landfall took place in Texas.

Hurricane Irene



Hurricane called Irene happened in 2011, and it caused 45 deaths. The overall damage of this Category 1 storm was 7.3 billion dollars. Irene made landfall in the US in North Carolina, making its way to New York City.

Hurricane Harvey



Hurricane Harvey hit Texas and Louisiana in 2017. It was a category 4 storm. There is an estimated suggestion that Harvey caused more than 100 billion dollar damage. It was one of the costliest storms in US history.

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