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Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds In USA

It’s pretty easy to tell which dogs are the most popular in your city. Just take a stroll to the nearest dog park. You might see plenty of Chihuahuas or Pugs running around your neighborhood, but what about in the rest of the U.S.?

The American Kennel Club recently released its list of the most popular dogs in America. Go through our top 10 to see if your furry friend’s breed makes the list.

Labrador Retriever



Not to confuse with the Golden Retriever, the Labrador is slightly larger in size, and also is less maintenance than its “cousin” due to having slightly shorter hair. These retriever dogs from the United Kingdom are a top favorite on the US market in 2020 overall and continue to do well in 2021. After all, they have occupied the top spot for over 30 years now! These dogs are also on top of the list in the Western World mainly in European countries. Super intelligent, and are great family dogs. They are usually very good with other dogs too and other pets generally speaking. Train them right, they’ll be the family’s protector.

German Shepherd


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Hailing from Germany, the German Shepherd is a medium to large breed of working dog and is a very gentle animal also perfect for the family or within a family. Like most dog’s they will need some training, but they are rather fast due to their very high intelligence spectrums. They are always eager to do well, they’d love a good walk but will also be fine indoors. GSD will be great at pretty much anything you teach them and will assist the handicaps, police, and military service too.

Golden Retriever



Similar to the Labrador Retriever, but a little less large in size overall with longer and thicker hair. These dogs originally were hunters and bred to “retrieve”. They do have odd health issues but so do most dogs, so make sure to always pamper the little adorable one. A super friendly companion that will stay ever so faithful to you and the family. They tend not to ever bark so do not expect them to be guard dogs, but expect them to learn fast and stay loyal.




The Beagle resembles the Foxhound, just only a lot smaller. A mini-size version if you must. The Beagle is a scent hound, meaning they are bred for hunting hare. Popular in the United States for their long lives due to them having very few illnesses. And this could be one main reason why the Americans love this little friend so much is that they are reasonably worry-free. The females will outlive the male by one to two years, and will live a very fruitful life, and are great family dogs too!




Bulldogs, and especially the French Bulldog are gaining popularity and slowly catching up with our top friend, the Labrador. Their wrinkly faces and pointy bat-like ears are perhaps an in thing. Overall not the most attractive dog around, but something very cute about it we must say. No wonder why so many in the States are falling for this little ugly duckling. They are fun, smart, adaptable, and are fantastic companions, easy to care for.

Yorkshire Terrier



By the 1950s this breed was already proven to gain in popularity and by the late 2000s gained the top 10 stop in the US market. The personality of this dog can fit inside the biggest dog on the planet as for its small size, it certainly is not scared of anything and is a bundle of fun to watch and have around. The Terrier possibly wins our vote for being the most expressive dog within this list and is constantly doing something. If you are looking for a relaxed dog happy to be, then no, this breed isn’t for you. If you are on the search for a fun-loving animal that requires your consent, then go for it.



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Boxers are renowned to be working dogs and were the first breed to be adopted by the police as they are rather seeing-eye dogs. They are well known to look after the family and love spending time with them also. They are great with kids and very loyal to everyone within the household. Their popularity grew in the 1930s, after being imported to the States just after the First World War. They excel in dog shows if this is your thing, are lovable, and are always up to their old antic tricks of the trade! But we love them because of just that. They have a personality that makes it a super interesting companion to have by one’s side.




Poodles are great family dogs and are super loveable, fun, energetic, and smart with the correct teachings and training. They behave the best when they are fully exercised and played with so this dog takes a pretty energetic owner! Good for the family to never forget to keep in shape! Disadvantages would be that they aren’t great with other dogs, apart from the training that has been done from a very early age. They are loyal and will do well with younger children you may have at home. Not the guard dog you wished for, but the love they’d give out for free.



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The Rottweiler is a loyal, loving, and confident guardian. Although their stature is self-recognized to be a working dog, with great strengths descending for the great Mastiffs of the Roman Legion, they are also very gentle playmates and will protect the entire family. For those looking for a dog to chase any unwanted guests, this could be the ticket. They love good silliness and are rather aloof within the outside world. Watch out for this dog breed as it’ll win a few places within the next few years to come.



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This Sausage Dog or Weiner Dogs are better known in the States. Not built for long-distance running or jumping or anything strenuous, however, are unstoppably active! Their versatility makes them perfect for dog shows, hunting, and excellent family companions. These are very kid-friendly and once within a family setting will love everyone, but make sure to warn your visitors as they aren’t the petting sort from strangers. And that’s actually a good thing as they will also be guarding your home looking out for anything or anyone suspicious.

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