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Top 10 Most Romantic Cities in the World

Sometimes, all you need is to visit some ultra-romantic place and spend a few days there, with someone you truly love. That is always a good idea, especially if you want to spice up your romance, revive your relationship or if you’re looking for the perfect place to propose.

There are so many romantic cities around the globe, but it can be really hard to decide where to go. Although Paris is the obvious choice, there are many other cities where the architecture, vistas, and food can inspire passion.

Take a look at these 10 cities that will, without a doubt, turn you into a hopeless romantic!

Paris, France


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A little bit of a cliche but, and there is a but, if you are after seeking romance in one of the most beautiful and romantic cities on our planet, then Paris can not be left out on your to-do list. Perfect for a 4 – 5 day long weekend, you will find a huge diversity of hotels suiting your needs. Home to the famous Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, The Louvre Museum, the wall of love, surely this city is your place to make a lifetime memory last. Get up to the Eiffel Tower, grab yourself a glass of Champagne and admire the view. An in-room dining croissant for breakfast on your terrace overlooking the city’s many points of reference, and even get yourselves on a riverboat traveling the Seine River at night enjoying a three-course alongside your very own violinist.

Cinque Terre, Italy


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Without a doubt Italy’s most colorful, historical “Italian Riviera” coastlines. This is as remote as it gets with the feeling of not being overcrowded by too many tourists and making this place intactly beautiful. If you are not seeking white sandy beaches but opt for culture and great walks around the colorful town, outlook no further. A beautiful bottle of wine admiring the most terrific sunsets, Boat trips, national parks, a little hiking while indulging in between sightseeing to include an 11th-century old castle…these are a few to mention things both of you can do. Pack your hiking boots and let the romance flow.

Savannah, Georgia


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An abundance of magic can be found in Savannah, bathing with the most dramatic scenery of the ancient oak trees draping in Spanish moss creating the most desirable walk-through avenue. We love the statues and benches within the area; one of which where Forrest Gump famously sat. Cobbled streets all around accounting for many bars and restaurants, cute candy stores, manicured parks, and horse-drawn carriages. Most of what you’ll see is very unique to the area with a lot of beautiful architecture; especially seen in the Victorian District. Also famous for sweet honey, this city will definitely sweeten the mood creating a near-perfect romantic destination.

Victoria, British Columbia


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What would the Garden of Eden look like, did you say? Well, if we may, it could look a little like Victoria. This Canadian stunner is perfect for those looking to ignite the already lit flame of love, located on the inner tip of wanderlust Vancouver Island within reach of Cowichan Valley. It boasts vineyards for the wine confessors, art galleries for the history buffs, and many hiking trails for the adventurous romantics. You will see many Neo-Baroque architectural areas which is a real feast for the eyes.

Honolulu, Hawaii


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This place isn’t just popular for tourists but popular for those seeking the perfect scenery for a romantic week or so on one incredible, turquoise-filled water island. Miles of sunny sea breeze with miles of seas surrounded by a vast array of award-winning bars and restaurants, it’ll be your perfect tranquility break you needed. Try surfing on the Waikiki Beach, hop onto a jet ski, and cruise the waves, being able to snorkel at the many reefs thinking you’re inside the habitat of Finding Nemo. Most important hike up Diamond Head and enjoy one of the most spectacular sunsets alongside great cocktails on the veranda.

Florance, Italy


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In love but which to renew your love vowels? Fashionable and into art? Avid fans of dreamy, terracotta-topped landscapes? Then Florence is right up your street. Famous for the likes of Gucci and Ferragamo, but also for seeing masterpieces from Michelangelo. Almost every hotel has big fireplaces, marbled everything, and classic sculptures and frescoes. Escape the buzz and head towards the garden oat villa Bardini, a romantic and less crowded venue boasting an old-world charm where it’ll be perfect to steal a kiss or two with your loved one.

Kirkjufell, Iceland


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If you are looking for a potential spot for the famous I do, then this will literally take your breath away and would be the idyllic place to do it. This is a venue where you’ll capture the Northern Lights at the Kirkjufell mountain and enjoy the views of the Kirkjufells foss water fountain. Your romance will be filled with a simple outlook on nature’s beauty in all its glory. It’ll be difficult to wish to be anywhere else to simply say I love you to your partner. A definite must for those who seek something a little different away from the more typical destination.

Chambord, France


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The Loire Valley is famously known for its great Sauvignon Blanc but perhaps not so known as an immediate need to go to places in France. However, think again. The Loire has hundreds of elegant castles where you’ll be able to stay and enjoy the tranquility like a king and queen. Literally. And the Chateau of de Chambord does not disappoint. Chambord’s architecture is a carefully balanced blend of traditional elements of Medieval times but also with elements borrowed from the Italian Renaissance. Enjoy cycling around the estate and why not treat yourself to a little boat ride on the river.

Madeira, Portugal


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Filled with charm and sophistication, Madeira makes a perfect romantic destination for those seeking endless possibilities being charmed in just one place. You will be surrounded by bright colors from the Mercado dos Lavradores, a market where flowers, fruit, and the typical costumes all combine a full-of-life mosaic kind of painting. A short distance away, you can climb the hilltop of Monte with your loved one, and look out onto the bay dotted with yachts going up and down the open sea. Seeking adventure, the Cascada de Risco waterfall will be one of your favorite walks of your stay. So much to do and so much is available within easy reach and for those seeking adventure.

Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka


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Something away from castles, clear blue beaches, and the old trek above cityscapes. Here comes Nuwara Eliya filled with nature and endless wild animals a sight away from a boat trip. This place is for those wishing to escape anything that is the city as we know it but still wishing to remain within one; just with a more natural expression of the cityscape. You can enjoy the carnival in the April months, flower shows, music, and entertainment events and seek rare flora and climb the Holy Mountain, Adam’s Peak for a stunningly beautiful sunset.

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