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Top 10 Most Spectacular Swimming Pools

All over the world, there are fantastic pools. Then there are those who take the word pool’s meaning to a whole new level. Visually beautiful and mostly in idyllic places, they are. Yeah, they are the pools that you probably scrolled through hundred-time Instagram images and dreamed of swimming in. Then what are you going to wait for?

A blend of modern architectural achievements and ancient natural beauties are the world’s best pools, occurring on almost every big ocean and continent. These breathtaking waterholes are sure to capture your heart and instill some wanderlust along the way, whether you’re looking for luxury facilities or are willing to venture out to organic wonders.

How do you feel about jumping into one of the 10 most beautiful pools in the world? We’re showcasing some of the best swimming holes in the country, from luxury resorts to stunning natural wonders.

1. Madeira, Portugal seaside pool


Seeing the stunning waves crashing into the volcanic rocks that form natural ocean pools is worth the visit. The entire archipelago is volcanic in nature, so among such islands, these natural pools are very common. Salty water, which thaws and becomes very fun to swim in, floods the pools.

2. Hearst style, Neptune pool


The Neptune Pool at Hearst Castle in San Simeon, California, is the name of the outdoor swimming pool complex. It also includes fountains, ornamental ponds, sculptures, marble pavilions, alabaster lanterns, dressing rooms, and an ancient temple facade, including an important swimming pool.

3, Perivolas Hotel, Santorini, Greece


With its sweeping city and water views, this pool in Santorini is what Mediterranean dreams are made of, making it the ideal place to start your day with a swim or finish with a cocktail.

4. The Largest Pool in the World – San Alfonso Del Mar Resort, Chile



Covering 20 acres and measuring over 3,300 feet in circumference, this pool was the largest in 2006 by area in the world. While it is sitting in the #2 spot right now, this saltwater pool is still a marvel.

5.Fihalhohi Island Resort



Fihalhohi is the last exquisite island in South Male, secluded by lush greenery and hundreds of shady coconut palms, ideally situated along the southern rim of the atoll surrounded by the crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean. This enchanting paradise of elegance and serenity occupies an 80,000 sqm land area that ideally offers an atmosphere of tranquility and comfort.

6. Hemeroscopium House, Madrid


For the Greeks, Hemeroscopium is the setting where the sun sets. An allusion to a place that is ever-changing and mutable, but nevertheless real, that exists only in our minds, in our senses. This building with a magical pool showcases just that. Who wouldn’t want to spend the days in a dreamy place like this, right?

7. Long Beach Hotel by Keith Interior Design & M2k Architecture


White domes, ponds of reflection, hauntingly evocative background music, and mantras that echo. This pool has definitely been designed with exclusivity in mind.

8. Main Pool at Seagaia Ocean Dome, Japan


The Seagaia Ocean Dome is one of the largest indoor waterparks in the world. The Polynesian-themed Ocean Dome has the largest retractable roof in the world, which is opened and closed according to the weather. 12,000 square meters of sandy beach, 600 tons of stones smashed, an ‘ocean’ six times the size of an Olympic pool filled with 13,500 tons of chlorinated unsalted water.

9. Hilton, Seychelles, Northolme Resort and Spa


Our hotel, surrounded by white sands and tropical gardens, is seven kilometers from the Victoria Attractions. With free snorkeling and kayaks, an infinity pool, and a luxury spa, we have beach access. Each stay is in a private balcony villa overlooking the Indian Ocean.

10. Sheraton Hua Hin Resort & Spa


This infinity lagoon-style pool winds across the tropical gardens from the lobby to the ocean and has a distinctive low-rise architecture that enables the sea breeze to pass around our resort.

What swimming pool is your favorite? Below, leave a message!

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