#4 Cancer (22 June – 22 July)


1. Sensitive

Cancer is one of the most sensitive sign of the zodiac. They try to look hard from outside, but they are actually deeply sensitive by nature. They can get easily hurt and they can’t accept rejection or failure. When something bad happens they need a home, their ‘shell’ where they can retreat to.

2. Too Cautious

Cancers tend to be so cautious and timid that often is very difficult to move them out of their comfort zone. They are not fond of change and they need emotional stability and security before they make any decisions for a bigger change. They have to learn to let go and overcome their insecurity and they will see that there is nothing they can’t achieve.

3. Moody

The ruling planet of Cancer is the Moon which is also the ruler of moods, no wonder why Cancerians are so moody. Their mood can depend on anything from location to people around them. These mood swings are unpredictable and it might be difficult to handle for people around them. Cancerians are much deeper and definitely much more sensitive people than they appear to be.

4. Overemotional

Being a Water sign, which represents emotion in astrology, Cancerians have constantly changing emotions. They can get carried away by negative feelings and become depressed easily. Often they can be found in many different moods even within a single day. Cancerians can benefit from a happy home and a balanced private life.

5. Unpredictable 

Because of their constantly changing mood and high sensitivity Cancerians can be very unpredictable. Even if you know them for a long time it might be difficult to predict their actions and behaviors. They can also become restless very easily. Harmony and peace is necessary for their mental well-being and any loud argument can cause them great distress.

6. Sentimental

The Moon has another influence on this zodiac sign, which is living in the past and being melancholic. Cancer-born tend to have difficulty with letting go, they often keep old souvenirs and memories or read through notes from their diaries. If they learn to let go of it and overcome their insecurity there is practically nothing they can’t do.

7. Anxious

Cancerians tend to worry too much about things. It is caused by their sensitivity and insecurity. If they manage to become objective towards their emotions they can use their real potential to the maximum. For that, they need to learn to let go the inner neediness and keep up a positive mindset.

8. Pessimistic

Often Cancer-born are prone to pessimism and sometimes it is without any reason. Because of their sensitive nature they can get disturbed easily and they can become constant complainers. Cancerians tend to have difficulties in trusting people as they carry imaginary fear.

9. Clingy

A typical Cancer always needs support and encouragement and they need to have the feeling that they are needed. They can get needy because they like to have a stronger person for emotional support and encouragement. Similarly they can get attached to belongings and do not want to share them with others.

10. Reserved

Cancerians are known for being reserved. They are often hiding their true intentions and it might take long time in disclosing their feelings. They often experience difficulty in sharing their deepest emotions – which is so deep anyway that they find it hard to put into words.

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