#5 Leo (23 July – 22 August)


1. Dominating

Leos have a dominating nature and a strong character. They know exactly what they want in their life and they will get what they want by any means. Leos want to be in control of situations and they expect people to follow them. They are born leaders and they are one of the most dominant signs of the zodiac (if not the most) which may not go down well with others.

2. Self-centered

Because of their dominating nature they love being at the centre of attention. This need for ruling and being in the limelight can be problematic, especially when they become self-centered. Leos can be harsh and say things without considering the fact that they would hurt someone.

3. Possessive

Leos are warmhearted and loving people and they hold everything that is theirs very closely. Therefore they tend to become possessive. They are devoted to their families and closest friends but when their loyalty turns to possessiveness it makes the situation difficult for their loved one. Sharing is not a Leo’s strength.

4. Extreme Pride

Leos admire luxury and glory and they often present themselves as being much larger than they are (or larger than what they feel inside). Most Leos are driven by the desire of being loved and treasured. They are usually forgiving but their extreme pride can make them hold a grudge for longer than they should.

5. Arrogant

As natural born leaders the Leo-born people tend to be arrogant and high-minded, especially about their opinions or their way of doing things. They love to make their presence known and enjoy being in the spotlight. They enjoy having the best of everything and they themselves want to be the best in everything.

6. Head-strong

Leos are known for being determined and have a strong opinion on everything. It takes a lot of convincing to make them change their mind and attitude. They can be bossy but mostly they just want their loved ones to succeed and their willful attitude does not come from an inflated ego.

7. Self-satisfied

Leo always seem to carry pride with themselves no matter where they go or what they do. This characteristic make them different from others and often it is conceived as their ego. Under the surface they are also a little needy as they crave for love and smiles from others.

8. Sensitive to Criticism

Nobody likes criticism but since Leo-born are working on building an image larger than life, they are not exactly kind when criticised. They aim for social acceptance and often want to roam the higher social circle. They will get cross when criticized but will also easily forget and forgive.

9. Impatient

Ruled by the Sun and being a Fire sign, Leo are very energetic and success driven individuals. They want to achieve goals, and they would never accept defeat. This is a great thing but they are also prone to being impatient. They want to get things done as soon as possible. This eagerness can make them anxious and it can even lead to failures. It is important for the Leo to master patience, it will bring them prosperity.

10. Anger

The Fire element also gives fierce personality type to the Leo-born. Leos are aggressive and sometimes their aggression is hard to handle. They are born-leaders and there is no way they take instructions from others. Leo men especially, are prone to fits of deep rage and anger, more often than Leo women.

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