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Top 10 Non-Capital Cities to Visit in the Balkans

The famous Balkan Peninsula is the territory that covers southeastern Europe, and it’s well-known for rich greenery and beautiful nature, which is making the region perfect for both summer and winter vacation! The region takes its name from the Balkan Mountains, and this place is the home of 11 wonderful countries!

You have to visit many places in the Balkans, and we’re sure that you’ve probably been to almost all the capital cities. Many other cities are still hiding forest monasteries, beaches, great cafes, and amazing history!

There you’ll: meet warm people, enjoy tasty meals from traditional cuisines, and drink extraordinary homemade wines!

Check out our list of the top ten non-capital cities to visit in the Balkans and make sure to not miss any of these places!

1. Ohrid, Macedonia


Photo by Paul Williams

Ohrid, the most beautiful city in Macedonia is the biggest attraction for every visitor of this amazing little, but warm country! It’s widely famous for its churches, picturesque monuments and traditional houses! These are just a few of many reasons why Ohrid is part of UNESCO’s World Heritage!

2. Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Photo by Travis H.

Mostar, which is located in the southern Bosnia and Herzegovina and situated on the Neretva River, has a big historical and cultural meaning for the whole country! The most recognizable landmark is the Old Bridge ( Stari Most), which is built in the 16th century by the Ottomans!

3. Maribor, Slovenia


Photo by Matej Vranic

There are many reasons why you should visit Maribor, Slovenia! The wonderful architecture of the Judgement Tower, the Water Tower, the Jewish Tower and the Maribor Cathedral which was built in Gothic style are the first attraction for Slovenian tourists! The Lent festival is something you must attend if you visit this lovely city in June, especially if you love opera, theater, ballet and classical, modern and jazz music!

4. Pula, Croatia


Photo by Orlovic

If you don’t know where to go for vacation, then go to Pula… you can’t go wrong with this city which is located in Istra Country, Croatia! You’ll be satisfied with the smooth sea, unspoiled nature and mild climate! Don’t forget to try some great homemade wine and fresh seafood!

5. Novi Sad, Serbia


Photo by Aleksandar Cocek

The second largest city in Serbia after BelgradeNovi Sad is the place to be if you want to visit a big cultural center where you have so many things to do to see! As we know, this is the home of EXIT festival, so, if you want to listen modern music, go to Novi Sad and attend one of the biggest summer music festivals in the world!

6. Prizren, Kosovo


Photo by Mile

Prizren, in the past was known as a capital of the Serbian Empire, but know it’s a part of the new republic – Kosovo! This is a beautiful city, where live Albanian people, but also there are still some Serbians there! During the Kosovo war, Prizren didn’t suffer much and that’s why it’s still the biggest cultural center in this region!

7. Nessebar, Bulgaria


Photo by Elena GeorgieBulgaria’sThe biggest tourist destination – the famous Nessebar is the place to be during the hot summer days! Peopworldwiderld (especially in their 20ies) are visiting this city, where beautiful beaches, wonderful city streets and great parties are guaranteed!

8. Brasov, Romania


Photo by Constantin Barbu

Brasov is the largest city in the mountain area of Romania, which has a long tradition in sports, like football, rugby, tennis,cycling, bowling and other. It looks cute and modern, but very historical and also, it’s notable for being a birthplace of  the national anthem of Romania!

9. Saranda, Albania


Photo by ZNZ

One more destination that’s perfect for vacation and relaxation! Saranda is the most beautiful city in the Albanian Riviera which is situated in an open sea gulf of the Ionian Sea! The great location and climate, amazing beaches with crystal water and beautiful restaurants are just a few of many reasons why Saranda leaves all visitors speechless every time!

10. Thessaloniki – Greece


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