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Top 10 Satisfying Nutella Recipes

From all the sweet spreads and creams out there, some of the most famous and most popular among them are the chocolaty hazelnut Italian spread Nutella. It truly proves once again that Italians know what they’re doing when it comes to food. This chocolate spread has a distinct flavor profile that includes toasted hazelnuts, skim milk, and a dash of cocoa. Nutella has been around since the 1960s and that is a long time for people to find different ways to use it and create some mouthwatering recipes.

We gathered some of the best finger-licking desserts that carry some of that Nutella magic in them. If you don’t happen to have Nutella for these recipes, any chocolate or cocoa-based spread will most likely do the trick, however, don’t expect that classic Nutella flavor to pop out as much.

From bite-sized treats to full-on cakes, here are some of the top Nutella deserts you can indulge yourself in. So if you’re tired of digging in with the spoon in a Nutella jar, give these recipes a go.

Chewy Nutella Cookies


Spreads usually go with dry biscuit-like cookies, yet mostly we choose to eat them as is, make less of a mess, and fool ourselves that they contain fewer calories that way. Healthy cookies, don’t have to be bland, and here we have a pure hazelnut cookie with added Nutella for that sweet, sweet flavor. Tasty, crunchy, and just big enough to give you that Nutella-fix without the mess.

Nutella Crescents


For those of you who like sweet and salty confectionery, you have to make these Nuttela crescents at least once… Then try and stop doing them if you can. With store-bought or homemade pie dough, rolled up into Nutella-filled crescents you can make in a pinch or make a bigger batch and enjoy them for a few days. They’re super easy to make and are a great fast treat for when you have friends over.

Nutella Popsicles


Ice-creams are the best sweet treats to have on truly hot days and Nutella chocolate ice-creams sound divine. This particular recipe is a low-carb version and has an additional recipe for a homemade Nutella, but the original one will work just as well.

Nutella Filled Sugar Donuts


The filling and the glaze are what make doughnuts so addictively good. If you’re a doughnut aficionado, you know that a chocolate-filled doughnut is one of the best-tasting doughnuts out there. So try this no-fail doughnut dough recipe and fill the donuts to the brim with delicious Nutella.

Chocolate Strawberry Nutella Cake


Chocolate and fruit have always been a great mix, with chocolate and strawberry being the most common and well-loved combinations, giving that heavy chocolate taste a bit of freshness with that sweet and sour twinge. A layer of chocolate cake with whole strawberries and Nutella spread will be a great hit for any gathering or just a treat for the family.

Nutella Crunch French Toast


Sweets foods for breakfast are not highly recommended, but every once in a while we can treat ourselves with a tasty morning sugar rush. The typical choice might be pancakes, which also go great with Nutella, but if you want something different and a bit faster to make, you can try this absolutely filling and satisfying french toast sandwiches with Nutella, cornflakes, and fruits. Now that’s a tasty way to start the day.

Nutella Raw Bites


The great taste of Nuttela comes from hazelnuts, which, like many nuts and legumes are considered healthy food. That is a bit undermined when combined with so much cocoa and sugar, but still, we have something to add on and maybe bring back a bit of that healthy side. These hazelnut and coconut flakes energy balls make a great post-workout or after-school snack, that your entire household can enjoy, and definitely one of the healthier treats the kids will ask more of.

Nutella Baklava Bites


Are bite-sized desserts and treats better than slices of cake, because you can stop at one bite, or worse because you always want “just one more”? What do you think? Well, you’ll definitely lean towards the “worse option” answer after making these heavenly baklava bites. If you’re a fan of phyllo pastry recipes, you just came across one of the best sweet ones you can find.

Nutella Mousse


While you might enjoy scooping out Nutella straight from the jar, the taste is so strong and sweet, that you can’t enjoy more than two or three spoonfuls of it, or you just might get sick. If you can enjoy the pure sweet creaminess of the Nutella taste without adding any pastry or dough to it, the Nutella mouse is what you need. You’ll still have that soft creaminess and the same taste, just with a bit fluffier texture and milder sweetness, so you can eat a whole lot more of it. Just don’t overdo it.

Nutella Pull Appart Pie


Are you tired of old-fashioned round pan pies? Want to try something different that will impress everyone? Try this flower pull-apart Nuttela pie. There’s no rolling involved, and you don’t even have to bother with cutting and plates once you bake it. Just pull out a piece of the pie and pop it in your mouth. It will be a game0changer for larger gatherings.

Did you like our Nutella deserts round-up? They’re definitely something you’ll go nuts about once you’ve tried them. The true chocolate and hazelnut fans will definitely appreciate every single one of these and if you have some special Nutella recipe, don’t be stingy and share it with us in the comment section below.



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