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Top 10 Party Finger Food Ideas

What better than a party in your very own home and how better than to impress your guests but with a delicious food offering alongside a delightful company. Finger foods are a great way to informally break the ice between people as they are very easy to grab and bite into without having to show your personal eating etiquette!

Or being worried that you took the knife in the wrong hand to eat! Finger foods are designed to lighten the mood and get people moving from one end of the room to the next. It is a great way to get to speak to everyone and mingle where you please with or without food in your hand and exchange conversation without feeling the pressure.

Here are some super party finger food ideas to make your event one remember.

Super Healthy & Fun Fresh Spring Rolls



Too many times we forget that cooking finger foods doesn’t always mean bathe things in oil and serve them. Nowadays, we are so much more aware of what we eat even though big fast-food chains are still a big deal in some parts of the world. But what about making something look beautiful, and taste even better? Well, chances are you will wish to have around 6-10 finger foods going around at your party, and you also wish to add a couple of healthy, vegetarian options by omitting the shrimp. Nothing worse than over do it for your guests not to enjoy the moment. Super dish.

Smoked Salmon Canapes with Cucumber and Dilled Cream Cheese



Gluten-free? Doesn’t sound appealing. Fear not, it actually really is super delicious and ever so fresh. We are slowly entering the sunny warmer days and we must adapt our cooking to the seasons. Including its ingredients. Replacing the typical small toasty or indeed the blinis, a cucumber slice screams out sunshine. And super good for you. You still indulge in the cream cheese but one might go for more without having the guilt trip. Lovely and refreshing perfect as a mid snack between heavier finger foods.

Butternut-Sausage Stuffed Phyllo Cups



Super cute and super yummy at the same time. We still have a month or so left for the heartwarming feeling of the butternut. So let’s take advantage before the season is too late. These cups are perfect to share without leaving your guests with oily hands and fingers. Very practical for any dinner treats and perfect as a pass around. Flavors are terrific in this especially with the added crunch of the pastry cups. You can opt-out of the sausages for a vegetarian option that equally is delicious.

Cheesy Mashed Potato Puffs



Something relatively easy and straight-forward to do and concoction, potato puffs are a crowd-pleaser. If you get great cheddar it helps. Then again, most of the cheese you have in the fridge could do as long as they are by nature semi-hard cheeses. If you have these leftovers, shred them, oh my word. It is a great way to minimize waste and maximize flavor. For vegetarians, use vegetable stock instead of chicken stock. For an extra little smoked flavor, have in super crispy bacon that you blitz into crunchy beauties sprinkled on top.

Tuscan Canapes



So much reminds you of Tuscany. If you haven’t been, take our words for it! The eggplants, the red peppers, and the pesto make this scream out Mediterranean sunshine. A lovely little canape that is both perfect for entertaining a group of friends or while enjoying a movie with your other half. The recipe mixed all the ingredients roughly cut up, nothing fancy, then placed on top of a thick bread or cracker whichever you prefer. Or why not try both options. It will bag in so much flavor that you will keep going for more…and perhaps having to make more in between your movie!

Deep-fried calamari with Homemade Aioli Sauce



We did say that not everything has to be deep-fried for finger food dishes however, there are exceptions. And of course, naturally, these are some of the best things! These calamari rings are so good that one must prepare for 20 people if you invited 10. In fact, while making them, you might eat half of what was supposed to go out to the room! Super delicious and super addictive especially with a homemade garlic aioli dip to go alongside it. Before bringing them to your guests, splash fresh lemon juice onto them to break the oiliness away. You can even serve them with a sweet and spicy homemade tomato sauce.

Pancetta-Wrapped Shrimp with Honey Lime Glaze



If you are fortunate enough to have a fishmonger near you. Head over there and get yourself beautiful prawns for this dish. Shrimp and pancetta have been a favorite of ours for years and I believe will continue to wow us time after time. A very simple creation that looks fabulous and tastes divine; fit enough for a king and queen. This will without a doubt impress your party greatly or simply the family around the table wishing to pick at things as a Sunday treat before school. You’ll surely be earning brownie points with them all.

Sushi Temaki Rolls



Impress everyone with Temakis. Getting very popular especially as finger foods are concerned and perfect for any kind of entertaining, or a simple starter at home trialing out your new love for Japanese food in its purest art form. The flavors are unbelievable, the looks of them are terrific, the palate simply cannot take in so much fun at once. So, good luck and get creative! If you don’t like raw stuff, fear not, cook the fish and use it this way. You’ll get the same wow effect and flavors won’t get jeopardized.

Crab Meat and Cucumber Rolls



We do not use crab enough in our cooking and shame as it packs in so much flavor cooked or as a salad. In this instant, the fresh crab meat’s natural sweetness is delightful with cucumber and avocado with a hint of spice balancing everything together. Won’t only look great but will taste fit for a queen. A burst of summer in the mouth and a really healthy little thing too. Superbe to kick start your event. The crab can be replaced with Surimi which in essence will do the same thing if you cannot find fresh crab. Personally, avoid tinned crab, or stay with tinned tuna. Much better.

Cocktail Meatballs with Sweet and Sour Dipping Sauce



Your kids will love them, your friends will love them, the neighbors will everyday ring your bell for more just by smelling it from their gardens. Beautiful small round balls of minced meat packaging are so much fun. These could be made without pork, or without both pork and beef but also be served with minced lamb or veal instead depending on preference without changing the recipe. Get that dipping sauce just right and make sure to have more on offer just in case.

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