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Top 10 Beautiful Places in Japan for Nature Lovers

The land of sushi, cherry blossoms, temples, gardens, cities with neon skyscrapers… Of course, it’s Japan we’re talking about! This amazing country has such a rich culture ready for us to explore.

If you can visit Japan, you can enjoy the beauty of the cities, such as Tokyo or Kyoto, but the option of visiting the natural beauty isn’t excluded. In fact, Japan is known for having breathtaking gardens and national parks. This list offers you ten amazing places for you to visit. There’s nothing like nature!

1. Hitachi Seaside Park



The Hitachi Seaside Park is located in Hitachinaka, Ibaraki. It is famous for the wonderful flowers growing there. Depending on when you go, throughout the year you will find different flowers. During spring, the whole park is filled with small, blue flowers, and there are 4.5 million of them! Then, starting from September and October, the park is filled with the colors of autumn. Other flowers can be found there throughout the whole year. There is also a small amusement park and a Ferris wheel.

2. Mount Fuji



it’s impossible to talk about Japan’s nature and not mention Mount Fuji. It truly is one of the greatest wonders of nature. The Mount is considered one of the “Three Holy Mountains” in Japan, and it is also the highest mountain in the country. It is surrounded by three cities and five lakes, from which there is a beautiful view of the mountain. It can be seen even from Tokyo if the sky is clear.

3. Kawachi Fuji Garden



Yes, this is real! Located in the Kawachi Fuji Garden and a few hours away from Tokyo, the Wisteria Tunnel has 20 different Wisteria flowering plant species. Thanks to this diversity and the big number of Wisteria plants, the whole garden and the tunnel are colorful and breathtaking. The best time to visit the Kawachi Fuji Garden is during Spring when the plants are blooming.

4. Yahiko Park, Niigata



The Yahiko Park is located in the very small town of Yahiko, which is mostly known for the Yahiko Shrine that’s 1300 years old. Visiting the park in Autumn is the best timing because that’s when the colors are most fascinating. There are many maple trees and other plants that will leave you breathless. This kind of park isn’t a rare thing in Japan. The Yahiko Park is just one of many, and no matter which one you visit, if the timing is right, you will be fascinated by the beauty of autumn in Japan.

5. Kōraku-en Garden



Kōraku-en or Korakuen is considered one of the Three Great Gardens of Japan. It was built in 1700, and back then, it was a place where the Japanese lords, also known as daimyo, used to go here and relax or attend events meant for them. The ordinary people were allowed to come, but only on certain days. The garden has so many scenic spots that will leave you breathless. One of them is the Yuishinzan Hill and the Enyo-tei House. The garden is full of colorful flowers and other plants. Definitely a must!

6. Arashiyama Bamboo Forest



Japan is one of the countries where bamboos grow. Bamboos are the fastest-growing trees globally, and they are stronger than steel – that’s why they are used for the manufacture of furniture, floors, helmets, and other things. The Arashiyama Bamboo Forest is a district in the western part of Kyoto. Along the bamboo path, you will pass across amazing temples. Some of them are very old (more than 1000 years!), but they still kept their beauty throughout the years.

7. Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden



The Shinjuku Garden used to be owned by daimyo Naito during the Japanese Edo period. After World War II, the garden is redesigned as a national garden and open to everyone. Nowadays, there are three different styles present in this big, beautiful garden: French Formal Garden, English Landscape Garden, and Japanese Traditional Garden. There are more than 20.000 trees in the park and many, many beautiful flowers and plants, all of them contributing to the whole breathtaking experience.

8. Nikko National Park



Nikko National Park is located 125 km away from Tokyo, and it has everything that you would love to see from Japan: temples, forests, lakes, gardens. That’s why this national park is considered one of the most beautiful in the country and is a popular destination, both for the amazing nature spots and the old temples and shrines. Considering their historical importance and uniqueness, they are designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

9. Cherry Blossom in Tokyo



It’s impossible not to think about cherry blossom trees when it’s Japan considered. The country is very rich with parks that go all shades of pink and white during spring. The picture presents a park in Tokyo, but you can find the cherry blossom trees in many other places in Japan. They are the reason why the country has so many tourists in spring. One can simply not resist the beauty of a cherry blossom tree in its bloom!

10. Takinoue Park



The Takinoue Park is famous for the moss phlox flowers. These tiny, pink flowers cover up a 100,000m2 area, and it’s best to see them during late spring. The park is located a few hour’s driving from Asahikawa, and not only can you enjoy the scenic beauty and scent of the flowers, but also admire the peaks of the Taisetsuzan Mountain Range and breath the fresh air.

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