Spring is here and so are the annoying creatures called mosquitoes. They are attracted to light, warmth, woods, other green areas and most importantly human scent. They are more active during the summer months but you should start preparing for their little bites from now.

If you are sick and tired from all the mosquito products that contain unbelievable chemicals and if you don’t want to spray your living area with  dangerous chemicals then scroll down for more.

There are natural ways to get rid of mosquitoes and one of those ways are plants that repel mosquitoes. You will be surprised when you read the plant’s names because some of them may be in your home already.

1. Basil



Basil (Ocimum americanum) is a very aromatic and widely used herb. It can be found in almost any household. This plant has essential oils that mosquitoes happen to despise.

So having your basil around might not be such a bad idea.