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Top 10 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

Spring is here, and so are the annoying creatures called mosquitoes. They are attracted to light, warmth, woods, other green areas, and most importantly, human scent. They are more active during the summer months, but you should start preparing for their little bites from now.

If you are sick and tired from all the mosquito products containing unbelievable chemicals and don’t want to spray your living area with dangerous chemicals, then scroll down for more.

There are natural ways to get rid of mosquitoes, and one of those ways is plants that repel mosquitoes. You will be surprised when you read the plant’s names because some of them may be in your home already.

1. Basil



Basil (Ocimum americanum) is a very aromatic and widely used herb. It can be found in almost any household. This plant has essential oils that mosquitoes happen to despise.

So having your basil around might not be such a bad idea.

2. Bee Balm



The bee balm is a flowering plant that attracts hummingbirds; it has an intense pink color. The name tells us that it also attracts bees. The bee balm has essential oils, just like the basil, so that when they are releasing the mosquitoes fly away.

3. Catnip



Catnip is one of the traditional flu remedies. It is widely spread, and cats seem to destroy it if it’s transplanted. Some people claim that the catnip is even better than some commercial mosquito sprays that they have been using. Cut the flower and boil it in water; the smell will surely make the mosquitoes fly away.

4. Lemongrass



The Cymbopogon citrates or commonly known as lemongrass, is a strong mosquito repellent. When crushed, the lemongrass releases oils. The oils can be used directly on the skin to make the mosquitoes stay away from you, or you can mix the oils in water and spray your home.

5. Clove



If you have a garden and it’s unbearable to sit at night without getting mosquito bites, then plant a clove. The clove tree is a natural mosquito repellent, or you can always use the oils from the clove to quickly repel mosquitoes.

6. Lavender



The lavender has a strong scent that humans adore, but mosquitoes not quite. Plant lavender in your garden in your home; you can also use lavender oil. Apply some lavender oil to your skin, and the mosquitoes won’t come anywhere near you.

7. Garlic



A legend says that if you wear garlic, no vampire can do you harm, well, the same thing for mosquitoes; after all, they are insects that drink human blood. Cut garlic and sprinkle it around your home; if you can’t stand the strong scent, mix mashed garlic with aromatic oils and spritz.

8. Lemon Balm



Lemon balm comes from the mint herb family. It is used in cooking and flavoring teas. Many don’t know that lemon balm can be used to repel mosquitoes. Crush lemon balm leaves and scrub them on your exposed skin.

9. Eucalyptus



The Eucalyptus’ natural oil keeps mosquitoes and other insects like sandflies, ticks, midges, and stable flies away. If you are buying the eucalyptus oil, make sure you test it on your skin, the oil should be gentle and shouldn’t cause any irritation.

10. Rosemary



Plant Rosemary in a pot or your garden; it effectively keeps away the little hungry insects. Or you can mix it with different oils or formulas and apply it to your body. For example, add 1 cup of dried rosemary to a quart of water and boil it in a pot for 20 to 30 minutes. Put the mixture in a spritzer and spritz yourself and your pets.

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