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Top 10 Plants That Will Survive The Winter

There are plenty of options to choose from to add beautiful colors to your home surroundings during autumn time. These hardy plants are also very beautiful when they are blooming.

The good thing about those flowers is that they will overwinter and bring you a lot of colorful joy again next spring. When you decide to plant your plants into pots, you have to consider that the temperatures will be much colder during the winter.

Choose material that won’t crack due to frost. Also, make sure to have enough drainage holes in the base. Check out some great planting options.

1. Aster


Aster flowers are very easy-care. They grow around 5 feet tall and will start blooming when most other perennials start to look pale. You will find them in purple and pink shades. It is recommended to cut back the tall stems after they finish blooming.

2. Baptisia

Baptisia is a true hardy that can live for decades. It can tolerate temperatures below zero. You can find flowers in blue, purple, white, or yellow colors. It grows very slow, though, and it takes some time to develop a strong root system.

3. Catmint



This extra-hardy perennial grows about two feet tall. It has very nice fragrant leaves and looks kind of like lavender, but Catmin withstands cold weather way better. You can use it as a border plant. It blooms during the spring and late summer.

4. Peony



Peony flowers come in many different forms and colors, but most don’t have a problem with cold weather. They will go to sleep during winter and start blooming again when the weather will get warmer. Peonies are extremely beautiful and have a nice fragrance.

5. Coneflower


Coneflower is most known for its amazing healing abilities. Besides that, it also develops gorgeous purple, white, orange and yellow flowers. This plant has no problems even with harsh winters, but you should choose native form instead of modern hybrids.

6. Monarda


Monarda grows to 3 feet tall, and it spreads widely. You can find it in purple, pink, red or orange color. Another advantage of having this gorgeous flower in your garden is that you will help honeybees. They love nectar-rich Monarda.

7. Siberian Iris


The name already tells you that this beautiful flower can withstand very low temperatures, even below zero. It grows to 4 feet tall, and you can find it in purple, lilac, blue, or yellow. Siberian Iris likes best when the soil is a little bit moisty.

8. Sedum


Sedum is another hardy that can survive cold winter and even the drought. It has nice red flowers when it is blooming, and during the fall, the whole plant will become red. Sedum is a must-have because it will also provide food for the birds during the winter.

9. Ornamental kale


Ornamental kale will grow around 1 to 2 feet tall. It is advisable to plant it in full sun or at least light shade. The plant tolerates cold weather. The lavender, white, and rose leaf color will become even more intense when it gets colder.

10. Heathers


Heaters flowers have a very long blooming season, and they handle bad weather really well. You can get it in many different colors like purple, pink, white, etc. The plant prefers rich and neutral to acidic soil.

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