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Top 10 Rice to Riches Flavors

It might sound familiar to some, but for those who are not introduced, here is a dessert that it’s just melting, spreading, taking all over you. Rice pudding! Comes in all flavors, with hippie names, and is just inviting you to join that magical world of desserts.

What else you could really ask for? Here are some of our favorite flavors from Rice to Riches, and if you happen to try any of those…Save some for us! Enjoy!

Cinnamon and Horchata Rice Pudding


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If you are a lover of cinnamon and horchata then this is right down your street. A fabulous rice pudding recipe that deserves the kick-off. Horchata is a very popular Mexican drink made from plant-based rice milk that oozes in cinnamon flavor. And as good as it gets, a recipe that will make you come back from more. It’s a rather simple recipe once you get all the ingredients together that can be done in under an hour. If you have Latin American friends, this is an absolute must.

Cheesecake and Chocolate Rice Pudding


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Rice pudding takes a while to get around the idea that rice can be eaten as a sweet. One might say, why doesn’t anyone create a pasta dessert. And they’d be rather correct. However, this is something that can convert you into a proper ice pudding lover. It turns you, it really would. The chocolate adds decadence to the dessert and slowly would make someone into the number one lover of the stuff. Beware it can be contagious!

Healthy Tiramisu Rice Pudding


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Yes, we are not joking. One can have the word, healthy associated with tiramisu and rice pudding and be in the same sentence. You are reading correctly! This is gluten-free, sugar-free, and carb-free should you choose and without forgetting. A very interestingly delicious dessert that could be eaten hot or cold; from morning breakfast to frankly, whenever you want. The kids would love it and family and friends alike. At times, after a heavy meal, we could have a sweet tooth. So this is perfect to indulge with.

Old Fashioned Rice Pudding


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Like every recipe on the planet, there is a twist. Everyone seeks to challenge the already known and perfectly satisfying dish once in a while. For the purists out there, there is nothing better than the original thing. We get it. Rice, milk, sugar, raisin, and a little butter and vanilla is enough to make this super-rich and tasty dessert. The creaminess of the sticky rice is amazing and we hope you’ll love eating it slightly warm coming right from the oven in your very own terracotta ramequin. Another way to make this very unique is to cook the rice directly into the milk. This could take a couple of hours but well, try this out and let us know.

Coffee Rice Pudding


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Coffee lovers, you must know by now that we have your back. Same with you chocolate lovers. This recipe uses instant coffee which in our view, is actually better. That’s the only way it is better we know! It adds so many more layers. Of complexity to the final desserts. Your guests will never believe you. In fact, try this dessert with a Martini espresso also made from instant coffee they’ll thank you forever.

Salted Caramel and Caramelised Nuts Rice Pudding


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Salted caramel has been in our hearts for a very long time and a break from the norm. If you are a chocolate or coffee lover, or both, this is a brilliant alternative to spice things up a little. The extraordinary layers upon layers of complexity in the recipe are to die for. We love the way it looks and we love the way it tastes even more. The nuts you choose can be flexible but if you can, the 3 choices including almonds, pecans, and walnuts work an absolute wonder. Most other nuts would work also. Have a play around if you feel comfortable.

Tropical Rice Pudding


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If you are missing a little sunshine in your life then this is a must for you to try at home. It is a rainbow of flavors and a recipe that will make you smile with every single mouthful. This can be enjoyed over breakfast, as a snack, or indeed after a meal period or simply, whenever you wish to. An absolute favorite to make again and again for everyone to enjoy around the table.

Coconut Rice Pudding


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If you have been wishing to be stranded on a desert island for a little now, and it’s also being clouding your thoughts, then this is the second-best. It will make you feel as you are in the tropics under a banana tree having a relaxing all-over body massage. The crunch of the lightly toasted coconut and the fresh, creamy coconut rice is a pure delight. Thinly sliced red chili can be added to give it a burst of warmth for the winter months, or passion fruit will equally be perfect. Or both!

Thai Red Berry Rice Pudding


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Certainly gets our votes for being high within this top 10 mention. Tart yet sweet, this will really play along with your senses seven before the spoon hits your mouth let alone experience this amazing creation. It looks and tastes absolutely and utterly fabulous. Perfect for the summer months outdoors with a nice green tea. Something that the family will ask for over and over again. A little freshly ground black pepper would be a delight and a super contrast and texture.

Black Rice Pudding


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Mango, lime, passion fruit, and coconut make this an incredible eye-catching dessert, not to mention the awesome flavors thanks to the nutty back rice. It’s super healthy and perfect for breakfast or once again, at any given time of the day your sweet tooth is taking over. Jamie’s recipe is easy to do with ingredients available pretty much anywhere. This can be prepared in advance the night before to suck up all the juices from the fruits and the coconut. Served in individual little ramequins, it sure is one of our winners.

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