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Top 10 Romantic Bedroom Ideas for Anniversary Celebration

We all know that an anniversary is a romantic way to celebrate a past event that occurred on the same date of the year as the initial event. Whether you are celebrating your six-month, one year, or 10 years, celebrating an anniversary is a wonderful way to rekindle old flames and remind each other how special your relationship is.

There’s no shame in celebrating your anniversary with the usual dinner and a movie. But if you’re looking to do something different, romantic, and sensual this year, here are the top 10 creative ideas to decorate, “that room”, where this special night usually ends up! Spice up your love life and make it as close as your first nights together…

Wall with Curtain and Fairy Lights

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It’s already all in the name. Fairy lights. Something so affected yet so simple it is untrue. And cannot possibly be an excuse to not try this at home for a romantic night filled with love words and intimacy between two who loves one another dearly. Something to try at home definitely and something that will not take you all the time in the world; in order for you to do more romantic little things around the house! Be special, your partner deserves it. And so do you!

Red Rose Petals on The Bed

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This has to be the ultimate classic thing to do, and all you’d need is a couple of roses and 10 minutes of your time. And you will be right in the good books! Of course, if you decide on 100 roses you could, but one or two does the trick just fine especially if you have white bedsheets as a contrast. Pluck the rose petals off a couple of hours before your special someone comes home, they should be good to last the entire night until morning.

Romantic Inspirational Bedroom

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Towards a similar theme as above only with a dozen red roses, and a bag full and candles to properly set the mood. Now, love and the “I love yous” can sometimes become somewhat a little monotonous, however, but doing these kinds of romantic gestures, one cannot stop but really falling in love with the other partner regardless of how long they have been with one another. Candles are beautiful and really set the mood like nothing else. You will not have to do much.

Romantic Bedroom with Feature Walls

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If you are the sort of person that might not be super infused by Valentine’s theme, you might also not really be into the anniversary one day of romance because to you, every day is a day of love and romance. Therefore, we really would suggest dressing up the bedroom a little bit. So much can be done in a full day while the other half is working as a total surprise that will last for more than 24 hours. There is nothing wrong at all with romance and some might say that there is not enough in the world. So, do your part!

White Romantic Bedroom

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White is somehow the new red. It is such an ever so popular color, although white is not a color you understand what we are aiming at, and is a form of purity that so many love. White is also the perfect choice as many things can be mottled from it. White is like a canvas, it is simply awaiting color from the paintbrush. In this instance, you are the paintbrush. Choose photos of both of you happy together. Choose dry flowers preferably. Pillows, paintings, etc. are all perfect additions to making your special room a heaven secret.

Cute White Bedroom

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Cute does not mean it cannot be sexy. And vice versa. Sexy doesn’t mean it cannot be cute. And what better to demonstrate this with the right white linen sheets, and although strictly adapted to white, so many different styles and textures are added that seem to contain thousands of colors. Adding extra candles with the warmth of the flames sets the continuous white theme and balances beauty and cuteness really well.

Red Sensual Bedroom

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Red is the number one essence of sensual, sexiness, and fiery metaphors in the bedroom. One might say the color red is an essential part of a couple’s intimate life, that can trigger a thing or two. And, what better than red to celebrate your anniversary? Many red touches can be done. The bedding, a painting, painted wall, socks, underwear, etc. The list is long. For the ultimate list of romance, combining red and white, alongside candles and rose petals are a true sign of a desire to the other.

Romantic Night in Paris

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If you are out of ideas and have already combined most of the above mentioned, then you have got to hop on that plane, together, and head for Paris. The city of love. Paris by day is lovely. But, Paris by night changes the environment entirely. It becomes sexy, sensual. The lights flashing the buildings are doing the foreplay so to speak. The bedroom always lavishly designed and nurtured will do the rest. Superb old-fashioned yet refreshed romantic rooms will guarantee a night, two, or three (let’s be crazy) of sheer romance perfect to celebrate your anniversary. Maybe you could even take home a few ideas. We gave you a head start for where to potentially stay!

Romantic Bed Canopies

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Want simplicity in your life? But you also wish to have the biggest of improvement? Then, you are in for a treat! One cannot change the room enough than making your very own bed canopy. Canopies ooze with luxury good enough for a 5-star retreat somewhere fancy, and expensive. Something you can do yourself for very reasonable money, and something that will impress the other half. So much so that you might even wish to thank us later.

Sensual Bedroom with Bathtub

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There are two kinds of people out there. Well, maybe three but let’s say two for now. The ones that would wish to do the bed then the bath, and those wishing to relax doing the bath thing first then the bed. Then others that might just wish the kitchen and that’ll be it while enjoying a pizza! However, decorating the bath, deeming the light, lighting candles everywhere with perhaps sweet words all over the walls and bath itself, a little bath salt, a little music in there really does set the mood. Even in tiny spaces, love has no square footage preferences! Add a bottle of Champagne or anything sparkly with a few little chocolates, you’ll be the favorite person in the world for at least 24 hours.

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