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Top 10 Ideas for Shiny Aluminum Foil Crafts

If you’re a fan of pretty, shiny things, then you’re going to love this collection of crafts. It’s a great way to repurpose aluminum foil and use it to create art, instead of just for wrapping food.

It’s a supply that you always have in your home and it’s a great material to use for really inexpensive projects. If you want to give something a metallic look, this should do the trick.

Although some of these crafts may not be the easiest to do and might take a little patience, we promise you it will be worth the trouble. Use your imagination, experiment a little and you can achieve wonders with this simple kitchen supply. Here are a few unique ideas for shiny aluminum foil crafts.

Aluminium Foil Rose

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A paperclip, and aluminum foil and that’s pretty much all you’d require to make a one-of-a-kind single rose, or if you really are up for it, and this could take weeks, make a big rose bouquet personalized for your loved one. Valentine’s past, but no celebration celebrates better the “why not occasion”. Meaning, an occasion to offer these little beauties is the best surprise ever. Get creative as long as you have some dexterity in your fingers; little fiddly but rewarding.

Glittery Foil Icicles

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If you live in a place where sunshine is on tap, and the winter months stabilize at around 10 degrees celsius at the coldest, then you might wish to create your own snowy heaven; because chances are, snow and frost aren’t happening! These are great to do with the children, not only to preoccupy them but to also get that special cold feeling and what it would look like in sub-freezing continents. Put them outside of your home on the slanting roof, or anywhere you have the space to do so! Even on the Christmas tree at the end of the year.

Aluminum Snowflakes

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Carrying on the theme of winter months, nothing screams out holiday winter mood like snow. Unless you live on a thousand-meter-high mountain and are blessed with continuous snow for a good 6 months of the year, then you might wish to opt for these. For that one special moment, these look so good and really put you and your entire family in a Christmas mood spirit. If you are having a dinner party or any celebration for a matter of fact, then these are so cool they will definitely put the spirits up for everyone around. Stick these on a window or anywhere that seems to make sense to you.

Christmas Ornaments

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Yes we know, Christmas just came, then again, actually thinking of it, scarily around the corner! So, never too early and let’s all plan this time hoping for a more favorable, family reunion Christmas this time around. A 2-meter high tree can end up costing a bit of hard-earned cash if you wish to properly garnish it. We always seek year on year to personalize the tree more and more, and what better ways to literally have the entire tree decorated with your very own hands. Get all the family involved with each target to reach within a set of color themes you have chosen for this year. It will not cost you much and be so much fun getting everyone into the spirit.

Foil Drawings

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If you wish to give your home a small makeover without having to get your bank’s approval, then this sure is going to do the job just perfectly. Somewhat within the theme of the mid 18th century to the late 19th century, these artwork are going to look great on your walls within any living spaces you might have in need of a little sprucing up. All you’ll need is a little glue, aluminum foil, and a form of arty imagination. Start by doing something relatively simple, and up the antes if you feel more comfortable thereafter creating something really spectacular.

Foil Letters

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If you wish to give some personality to your living space, then adding as an example the initial letters of your name, or your loved one could be a great way to appreciate them with your living area. They can seem to be book holders or a simple feature in your home. If you have children you get them to get creative and work on their off time doing something for themselves, adding their own personal touch to their bedroom to make sure everyone knows it is THEIR personal space! They would love that! This will look like a zinc feature that could have set you back 100 dollars or so, and all it took was a 2 dollar aluminum foil, a bit of recycled cardboard, and craftiness.

Foil Artwork

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If you have a naked wall and have been thinking for months or more of what to do with it, and budget is something that concerns you, then this is a real brilliant crafty idea that will look very impressive. And in your home, you might wish to add personality to it without buying everything making it personal. We understand! Not only will this brighten up your room and create individuality, but it will pop out and something to admire daily especially catching natural sunlight, giving you extra lights while offsetting your artwork.

Aluminum Foil Bead Bracelet

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We all love a little jewelry, and we bet that within your lifetime you thought about creating yours. This will look great with both formal evening wear, or simply a pair of tracksuit because it’s one of those days off and you well deserve it! You could also make the little ones make some for themselves and why not do them as gifts for the rest of the family and close ones? These beads bracelets could be done in any color combination and for any occasion. Why not do similar, but as a necklace to match?

Nail Art

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Girls, have you gone out of the salon and wish they’d done your nails differently? This is your chance to have your own say and your own crafty work. You can still invite the girls around and all have a little nail session alongside drinks and canapes and really make the day out of it. It’s fun and a great way to showcase the hidden talents within you all time! These are good for any celebration or simply, no celebration at all, just a little personal pampering we all love every so often. And need!

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