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Top 10 Simple and Beautiful Nude Nail Art Ideas

No matter if it is sprinkles, rhinestones, animal print, or geometry shapes, nail art is something that we absolutely love. Having so many colors, shapes, and techniques to play with makes it so fun and after all – having well-polished nails is something that we all crave, right?

In this article, we are presenting you with ten ideas on nude nail polish. Forget the simple way of just applying only this polish – here; you will find nail art ideas that include sprinkles, rhinestones, and a little bit of flower painting. Check them out yourself and get some inspiration for your next nail art.

1. Glitter Half-Moon Nude Nails



Clean well your nails and apply the base coat and when it’s completely dry, apply two more coats of nude polish and wait to dry. When this is done, too, it’s all about playing with sequins and rhinestones. You can form half-moons like those on the picture or do something else you like. For best results, leave space between so it doesn’t look too much of stones and sequins!

2. Diagonal Lines



This is an amazing idea for those who aren’t nailing art artists and are looking for something adorable but simple. You just need two nail polishes, one nude and the other with color by your choice – as you can see from the picture, choosing rose metal color matches the nude so well.

3. Lace Nails



Simple and adorable, you can consider this nail art to be last-minute. First, it’s very simple to apply a clear base coat and then use nude and black nail polish to create the lace art. You don’t need any advanced nail art skills for this; once you try doing it, you’ll see it’s the easiest nail art!

4. Leopard Print



Simple, yet so elegant, this nail art is so amazing. It takes just two nail polishes and just a little of your time. Start with the nude base coat and then use the black polish to create the leopard print. You can apply it just to one side of the nails, or you can experiment and paint just one or a few nails like this.

5. Rhinestone Detail



Here’s another last-minute nail art idea – paint all of your nails with nude nail polish and then pick just one finger and attach rhinestones. It’s simple and very elegant detail that will put the focus on your nails. To avoid too many rhinestones, it’s best to use bigger ones to attach them to just one or two nails.

6. Nude+Accent



Both romantic and adorable at the same time, this nail art is really easy. You need white and nude nail polish and, for the hearts, pink glitter. You can also use a clear base coat to make the nails more shiny and clear. Pick one finger and paint it white and over the white base, paint the glittery heart.

7. One Stroke Half-Moon Design



The moment we saw this nail art, we wish we could have it right away! It’s very elegant, and we fell in love with it. You need a nude base color, white acrylic paint for the flowers, and mini silver rhinestones for details for this nail art. You might have a problem with creating the flowers, but after few tries, we’re sure you will make it.

8. Floral Details



Flowers are a never-ending inspiration, and nail art allows us to play so much with – shapes, colors, size; no matter what it is, there are so many ways you can use flowers for nail art. After you apply your nude base color, you can apply a clear coat to make nails appear more shiny and clear and then start painting the flowers.

9. Gradient Nails



It is very subtle, gentle, and elegant; creating gradient nail art is perfect for any occasion, including work. You can play with so many colors, but when it comes to using nude nail polish to create a simple yet beautiful look, one of the best colors you can use is white.

10. A Hint of Sprinkles



Sprinkles are always a good idea. But, be careful when using them – here applies the rule “less is more.” If you apply sprinkles to all nails, it might appear too much. In that case, it’s best if you apply this kind of nail polish on just one or a few nails. This picture serves as a great example, and we love it!

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