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Top 10 Amazing Kitchen Ideas for Small Spaces

We can see so many photos on the internet that are showing us a certain room – we’re talking about many sources of inspiration that at some point will make us want to do a total makeover of our house and come up with something more stylish and cozy!

Unfortunately, not everyone can have a huge apartment that will allow lots of experimenting. Still, on the bright side, with the right kitchen supplies even the smallest of rooms can be arranged and decorated wonderfully. Below you will find ten examples of small space kitchens, and we hope they’re going to inspire you just as much as they inspired us!

1. Scandinavian Style



One of the reasons to consider the Scandinavian style for your kitchen is its simplicity in every way possible – from colors to decorations. When it comes to this interior design, white is the color mostly used, and here’s an example of how you can implement it in your kitchen. Don’t forget to place a plant!

2. Keep it Outlined



Here’s an interesting idea of making your kitchen stand out from the rest of the rooms. Outlining rooms isn’t something that will first cross your mind when you think about renovating or small kitchens in general, but it is definitely worth the look. By separating the kitchen with paint, you make it look so cool and cozy, no matter how small it is!

3. Modern Rustic



If your budget allows you to spend a little more, creating this kind of look will make everyone admire your kitchen. This one is a great example of how to mix the modern, urban kitchen with the one you’d have in a cozy cabin. This is especially amazing for those who like the rustic style.

4. Make it Retro



Simple forms, pastel-colored kitchen elements, and details in bold colors. By choosing the colors carefully, you can create a retro effect – don’t you get the 1950’s vibes by looking at this photo? Of course, this is more adapted to the modern-day style than being a true, retro kitchen. However, we can completely imagine amazing recipes coming to real life here!

5. Inspired by Nature



Wood kitchen elements and green tiles – here, it’s all about taking some inspiration from the nature that surrounds us. Plus, if you decide to use green, then your kitchen will be totally following this year’s color trend – the greenery, the color of the year chosen by Pantone.

6. Shades of Blue



This small and simple kitchen’s charm relies mostly on the colors being used – we have blue and its shades. Of course, if you feel like blue isn’t your color, you can always choose something that you prefer more. If you find it too plain, you can always add few details in bright, bold colors.

7. Minimalist



Same as the Scandinavian style, minimalism means that less is more. Have only the things you find essential, and this also applies to colors and decorations. This is one of the most stylish ideas you can come up with and is also a safe way of not making your kitchen so crowded with all kinds of stuff – make sure to keep only what you need!

8. Simple&Classy



Looking at this kitchen made us want to have it right away. This modern kitchen has it all, and we can say that its look is completely flawless – there’s not even one thing that we would like it to be removed or changed – everything is perfect just the way it is!

9. Tiny&Cozy



If your kitchen is really tiny, there’s a solution to that, of course. Having a U kitchen is exactly what you need, and once you get the elements you want, you can focus on making the kitchen as coziest as a kitchen can get. For example, this one from the picture is bright with details that make it look as if it is taken from some magical story – and we really want to be in it!

10. Bricks Can Be Chic



Having a brick wall left just like that can be very chic. We’ve seen this already as a bedroom idea, but once we saw it in the kitchen as well, we must admit that it left us impressed. It looks amazing, and it can save you money – instead of painting, use it to your advantage and leave it as additional decor.

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