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Top 10 Best Soup Recipes

When you really don’t know whether you want to eat something light or heavier, warm or cold or, even if you want to eat at all, there is only one thing on the menu. Soup. It satisfies all your senses and needs and when you finish it, you realize the good you did by making it. There are many variations, with meat or without, with pasta, veggies and many many more options. The best part is that it’s really healthy but still filling. Usually low on calories. And if you are one of those who likes it homemade, well, you are at the right place.

There are 10 suggestions here that you should try to make and you’ll love what we chose for you. As always. Enjoy.

Chicken Tortilla Soup



Mexico call! This is an amazing soup consisted of many vegetables and of course, one and only chicken. If you are all meat lovers, you can really add anything you want. But the original recipe is chicken. It is very tasty and the tortilla strips are giving it finish that you gonna enjoy for sure.

Mexican Pork Stew


Somehow, Mexico calls again! This time to spice things up! It’s a great soup with pork and tomato based. It consist a bit of chipotle flavor which gives it a perfect spicy touch to warm you up in those cold, winter, soup needy days.

Loaded Baked Potato Soup


Walt Disney can’t go wrong, as well as in this case. You will most likely find this soup in Disneyland Park Restaurants, but you can definitely make it on your own. Thick, rich and tasty. We all want that.

Olive Garden’s Pasta E Fagioli Soup


This is definitely a vitamin bomb, combined with some proteins and highly recommended with wine. Sounds great and it looks great. Get your kitchen prepared and you will just love how simple, easy and tasty this recipe is.



This soup is very famousĀ  and it’s actually known as a soup that is consisted of all the other soups, meaning, it has everything inside. It comes from Italy, of course, and you won’t regret trying it.

Wisconsin Cauliflower Soup


It is very good when you know your soup has everything you like. Cheddar cheese, to whom no one resist easily, onions, cauliflower and the best of all it has a highly thick texture. Can’t wait!

French Mushroom Soup with Gruyere Toasts


Immunity up! Mushrooms are so good for your health, so is everything else in this soup. From onions, to garlic, and many other veggies. Very tasty and everyone loves it. So will you.

Quinoa Chowder


This is one very light, unusual and hard to get but easy to make soup. Ingredients are all perfectly combined and it has a taste of slightly spiced sour/sweet magic. Must try.

Broccoli Cheese Soup


Now we are talking! Isn’t the name of it enough by itself? Cheese and broccoli is a perfect match and since it’s in a soup form, oh yes, we are already melting down…

Chunky Chicken Pot Pie Soup


Perfect meal when you are not too hungry but still craving for something delicious. It is rich in vitamins and it’s gonna warm you up.

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