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Top 10 Striped Nail Designs

Do you love painting your nails in different colors and designs? If so, and if you do it often, you might need some fresh, new ideas for your next style. How about some striped nail designs? Maybe you like taking your time while doing your nails and it relaxes you, so elaborate designs are no problem. But, maybe you get frustrated with all the details and just want to slap on some color and be done with it. That’s why we have some ideas that are super simple and won’t take much of your time, but you’ll still have a stylish nail art design, and we also have some ideas that are more elaborate. Choose the one you prefer and have fun!

Rainbow Peekaboo

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Black and White Striped Look

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Blue on White

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Sailor Stripes Nail Art

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Summer Stripes

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Bright Stripes

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Creative French Tips

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Simple Stripes

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Striped Tie-Dye Nails

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Neon Chevron Tips

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